The “Operation Welcome Home” fun and fishing event for our people serving in the military is fast approaching.

The yearly event, this time November 9-10, is something Navy veteran Jerry Dorsey started several years ago. Since its birth and thanks to Jerry, Lake Texoma Guides who give up a day of fishing, volunteer boaters, local military service posts, Little Mineral Marina, Tanglewood, Georgetown Baptist Church and the many other people and businesses who donate time, money or services, this event continues to grow.

Jerry says with maybe more than 100 troops coming he needs at least 6-10 more larger boats like pontoons or boats with a higher capacity to take them fishing. He could also use money donations. If you can help with any of the above please give Jerry a call at 903-786-3981. We will be helping the people who stand between us and harm, enjoy a weekend of fun food and a show of how much we appreciate their service.

Friday night, November 9, there is an open meet-and-greet at the Lakeside VFW Post 7873 starting around 7 p.m. Please come out if you can. You will meet some of America’s best that night. If you can help Jerry with a boat please give him a call. Other service posts Amvets Post 231, Elks Lodge 238 and Vietnam Veterans Post 973 are all involved in this worthwhile event.

This has been a busy week. Monday, Susan, Ginger and I went to Home Depot. They are doggie friendly. Kids, customers as well as staff spoil her with petting and some of the cashiers give her biscuits. I got the things I needed to update my boat shed.

Going home I got a call to come help decorate the building we are going to have our annual Halloween party in, this is a chore because the couple hosting it have got a lot of decorations. Tuesday, I had two lawn mowing jobs, finished them. Gave Ginger a bath. Took out the old lights in my boat shed and put new LED lights in it, I couldn’t believe the difference it makes. I replaced fluorescent with LED.

All of this was done Tuesday plus cooking us a fried chicken supper with gravy and smashed taters with red beans. Got a here’s my sign event for Tuesday also. I was riding on the Green Deer with nothing to fear drinking a beer. I’m cutting that branch off a tree in our yard before mowing next time. I hit it so hard it knocked my safety glasses and hat off my head give me a sore neck and a bump about three inches long that bled some before it stopped.

Wednesday Ginger had to have her morning drive to the boat ramp. She loves the golf cart. If she doesn’t get to go in the morning she sulks, sets down in front of Susan or me puts her paw on our leg and gives us those soulful eyes and woe is me; my pets don’t love me anymore stare. Generally, we cave and she gets what she wants.

I came back to the house after our morning ride and had a call from my friend in Dallas who has a home and boat dock in Monarch Ridge I take care of for him. He told me his boat dock had broken loose and was in the back of Wisdom Cove. He asked me to go check on it.

I grabbed a friend and launched off the road. The gulls were working off the east side at the mouth of Little Mineral, fish were surfacing as I turned the corner headed east. I didn’t stop. Turning into Wisdom Cove all I could see was the walkway in the water. Finally, I saw a tin roof in the very back of the cove. We were lucky the north wind blew it to the back. A south wind and it would be in Oklahoma somewhere.

I called my friends who are in the dock-building business and work out of our cove. I am not in the dock building or rescue business and now I know why. It had floated up in a mess of trees and the high water had kept it from grounding.

Now if you haven’t tried pulling a big boathouse out of a forest my tip this week is don’t. With a boat like mine you don’t pull it where you want it to go. I had got it moving then my strap broke and it wrapped around my prop. Making my way back to the boathouse I had to pull my prop to get it out while praying I didn’t drop parts in the lake.

Tying to different spots on the dock trying to get leverage didn’t work, the House went where it wanted too. The Calvary showed up as the dock builders in their work pontoon boat came chugging back to me. It took both of our boats and over an hour to get the dock to go where they wanted to take it. They tied it up to another boathouse and it should be safe for a while.

With that job over I started back, at the mouth of Little Mineral on the east side big stripers were still breaking water. Loads of gulls were working the shad they pushed to the top. Diving into my rod locker, getting out a couple of TFO Rods with YUM Mud Minnows we went to chunking.

The birds and fish were moving and I was trying to get in front of them when it started to sprinkle. I decided to make a run for it instead of getting in my rain suit because the helper I had picked up wasn’t dressed for rain.

I made it just in time; we had the boat loaded and was pulling out when the sprinkles turned to rain. We had passed schools of stripers surfacing as I made my run back to the ramp. I couldn’t stop, much as I wanted too. Little Dixie is not having a bass tournament this year. Gunter has a bye week so no prediction.