This year fall on Texoma has seen a lot of new out-of-town fishing championships coming in. Between the high ranking in Bass Master Magazine and from the big-name tournaments its hosted in the last few years, word-of-mouth now sees a tournament or two every weekend.

If anyone hasn’t noticed, not only is she a great bass lake, she is generating money for our local businesses, from lodging and food to gas and tackle. While striper fishing is what Texoma is best known for, the humble black bass is also moving in as a money generator. You have probably noticed a lot of boats at motels and all of the marinas are booked as well. There are several weekend rentals out here which are all full.

Wednesday started their practice day and there were boats everywhere I went. They were talking about how good the lake looked. I told them by the time the tournament starts Saturday morning it will look a lot different.

With the amount of water coming down the Red and Washita Rivers, I told them the lake would probably be up two feet or more by then. That will scatter the fish as they move into the new water. It may also group more boats in mid-lake as the rivers will be pure mud and be dangerous as trees and other hazards are washed in.

The tournament this weekend is Bass Champs. Just guessing, I’d say there will be 150 or more boats entered. Headquarters will be Highport Marina for the two-day weigh-ins. The public is welcome to come out.

Just when I thought I was out of jail for good, Susan busted my bubble when she said I have to go next Friday to TMC for the official word one way or the other. Wednesday morning, as most of you who headed outside in shorts and t-shirts found, it wasn’t warm. I was going fishing and did a 180 and changed to blue jeans and a long-sleeve shirt.

When I got to our ramp the water was at the top and moving out into the parking lot. Tuesday it had been about three feet from the ramp end. Launching now is likely to result in wet feet and will get worse as the lake keeps rising.

My Wednesday trip resulted in me catching one fish and that was more than a lot of the fishermen I talked too who said they were still looking for fish. Texas fishermen, when asked how’s fishing, often say “I threw every lure except the kitchen sink.” I say this because I hollered at a couple of tournament fishermen and asked if they had a kitchen sink. They gave me an odd look but when I finished talking they were both laughing.

Last Friday, as I was off parole, Charlie Hill and I hit the water early. We fished pretty hard and managed to catch some bass. When I left my Rebel Pop R in the water and turned to say something to Charlie the water exploded and I missed one at the boat.

He saw the big fish — I set the hook after the fish was gone. Rebel Pop R’s will work moving or sitting still. I tell people to pay attention to their lures; guess I should take my own advice.

Not long till the 39th annual Little Dixie Bass Classic at Catfish Bay October 20-21. Entry fee $120 per team includes $10-dollar big bass. Headquarters is Catfish Bay Rally Pavilion. There will likely be beans and bread Friday night for entrants. Saturday night will see a dinner for contestants.

Unlike years past Tommy Hitchcock and Coors Light will not be offered. Oklahoma passed a law which prevents Tommy and Coors Light from giving beer away. You can bring your own. For more info call 580-924-3350 or 580-924-3898 during the day. For early entry mail the check for $120 to Little Dixie Bass Club, PO Box 454 Durant, Oklahoma 74702.

Weekly prediction: Gunter has a Holliday and grounds the Eagles by 14.