It is time when help is needed. You all know how I feel about our military. Time for the annual “Take the Troops out fishing and welcome home” event is coming up in November.

Jerry Dorsey, as always, heads this up. It likely couldn’t be done without the help Jerry gets from the Veterans Posts and Elks here on the Peninsula: Lake Elks Lodge 238, Vietnam Veterans Post 973, Lakeside VFW Post 7873, American Veterans Post 231, Georgetown Baptist Church, Little Mineral Marina and Tanglewood.

The guides who donate a free trip and the many other people who help out with boats or money wise join Jerry each year in this free event for the guys and gals who stand between us and our enemies, both foreign and domestic. Jerry will likely need more boats to take them out fishing.

Money donations are also needed to help defray the cost it takes to put this on. I’ll have more details in following articles. If you would like to help out with this event, boats, money or food, give Jerry a call at 903-786-3981 to see how and what is needed. I’ll run all of the guides’ names involved when Jerry gets it finalized.

Finally, the day has come. By the time you read this I’m out of house arrest and being on parole. I have been going stark raving mad seeing the lake where I like it to be, 620-plus feet, and I can’t get on it, per doctor’s orders. I’m even looking forward to being able to mow and weed eat again.

Anyone who knows me will vouch that I have one speed — wide open. I’ll be busy getting caught up, since for almost three weeks I couldn’t do anything. I know my articles have not been the usual but I had to share some history with you just to keep my hand in.

Now my reports will be hands on about Texoma and upcoming events scheduled for the big lake.

I’m seeing fish busting off shallow points and banks just at daylight and up to about 7:30 a.m.. My friend Ricky Toth says some mornings you see them busting and other time you just have to blind cast a YUM Money Minnow on a 3/4 oz. head. Chartreuse has been his best color. Another friend is catching them at dusk to dark on a 5-inch Creek Chub Topwater Knuckle Head lure. These reports are two days old.

Bass fishing must be slow as I’m not seeing that many boats or hearing much bragging going on. My Friday is already planned: I’m going bass fishing. Then I’ll turn to the chores I’m behind on. Ginger and I have been able to stand on our dock and talk to people who have just launched. I shared the fact I was an outdoor writer, and after they quit laughing, I told them why I wasn’t fishing but they needed to read my articles anyway.

I’m hoping their curiosity gets the better of them and I pick up some more readers for the Friday Herald Democrat.

If I was bass fishing now I’d fish those baits I had confidence in. Here are the lures I will have out and use Friday — my Rebel Pop R, Booyah Spinnerbait, Booyah Shaky head with a 4- or 5-inch soft plastic worm. I haven’t had a chance to use one yet but I’ll be using the new YUM Swurm in Watermelon-Pearl laminate on a 1/8 oz. weighted hook and last but not least, a Norman Crankbait. If I can’t catch fish on this selection they just aren’t going to bite for me.

Don’t tell my doctor but I busted out of jail once last week and went crappie fishing for a while. When you have one eye it throws off doing anything right. I had to walk a two-inch angle Iron across some open water and it was interesting to say the least. One foot kept wanting to not go along with the other. I made it to what is left of my favorite boathouse.

Once again, the crappie were there but I had to move twice to find them. Crappie are school oriented and if you catch one you are likely to catch more. It was fun and I know I had lost some of my crappie skills because they were stealing my Nibbles as fast as I could put them on. Crappie, stripers, sandbass, drum are all cooperating. Black Bass?

Saturday will see Susan and me, along with Ginger, in Downtown Denison at the Fall Festival. Hope I get to talk to some of my readers there.

State ranked No. 2 Gunter, my alma mater, plays football Friday night at Sadler-Southmayd. After missing my predictions for last week on points, my prediction is Tigers dine on leg of lamb and shear the Rams to the tune of 30 points. Wool will be gathered up and made into sweaters for the cheerleaders. See you there.