Last Saturday and Sunday all of those bass boats you were seeing were fishing the Texas Outdoor Trail Championship Tournament. There were 71 boats out Saturday. Sunday at the final weigh-in the field had was smaller as some of the boats who stayed for the second day checked in and left early.

When the fishing was over Texomaland fishermen took four of the top 10 places. Jake Meeks and Chad Maddox won with 39.60 pounds, had the Day 1 big bass with a 8.91-pound largemouth and took home $18,000.

Second was Joe Rome and Joel McBride at 36.80 pounds and third was Jeff Reynolds and Randall Bruce with 35.91 pounds. Don McFarlin and James Fennell had 36.66 pounds but had a dead fish that resulted in them falling to fourth. Fifth was Russell Lee and Lloyd Walker at 32.30 pounds, sixth was Bruce Anderson and John Anderson had 29.63 pounds, seventh was Craig Goodwin and Ryan McGrail totaling 28.87 pounds and Dan Wilson and Kevin Grissett were at 28.34 pounds.

There were a lot of fish caught — 419 weighing 1,032 lbs. Everyone caught fish, just not enough to get in the pay places.

Last Friday i had a couple of Bass Champs qualifiers who called me and wanted to learn something about Texoma. They had never been on it and wanted to know where the danger spots were for running a boat.

We took off that morning and I saw more of the lake in one trip than I see in six months. There is a lot of new shallow water after the floods where it was once deeper. If the lake keeps falling there are going to be a lot more spots that once was safe for running getting close to having your motor hit.

I told them after we were on the trailer that we had just seen a small part of the lake. With the words, “be careful if the water is lower when you come back for practice,” I headed for the house.

Wednesday morning early, I went fishing. Running to a shallow sand bank I had caught fish off of last week I saw swirls. These bass were not lunkers but you would catch a nice one now and then. For the most part they were small fish but fun to catch on my Black Booyah Buzz Bait and a Cotton Cordell Pop R.

The fish were in a foot of water or less and it was a shallow sand flat they were on. You couldn’t get closer because my trolling motor would be kicking up mud and making enough noise to run them off. I stayed in about four feet of water and made long cast to the very edge of the shallow water.

You didn’t have to move your bait far before you had a hit, caught a fish or watched your POP R rocking when a fish just swirled on it. I missed a lot more fish than I caught. Finally, I switched to a Shaky Head rig with a 1/8 oz Booyah head Jig and a 4 inch YUM Rib Worm which I still have a few of since they were taking out of production some time ago.

The east wind was blowing just right for me to cast out and let the wind do most of the work. I caught fish. The clouds lifted, the wind slowed and the bite was over.

Tuesday it was a blue-bird morning with no clouds, a lot of sun and no wind. The fish were not there I hit another place or two without any luck and went to the house. Wednesday morning, I got up and hit the lake while it was just breaking light in the east.

Going to the same flat bass were there just not as many as before and the size of fish were even smaller. I still caught four on the Rebel Pop R, including one around two pounds. No wind made for slow fishing. Moving on to a point on the other side of Little Mineral I caught a fish, jumped one off and that was it. Back to the house by 10.

Susan and I set out for Home Depot to buy enough plastic pipe to make a new watering system for the Crape Myrtles and Roses. It was cheap and easy to put in. Now I don’t have to worry about chopping up a Soaker Hose with the weed eater or mower.

I may not have a column next week. I’m due to have a hole in my retina patched up and I was told by the doctor I would have to look down and watch my toe nails grow for 40 hours.

This will be worse than getting my gizzard out, I’m a constant go person, full out most of the time and not resting much. If I miss out next week I’ll be back soon. I’m ready for some cool weather.