I can say I know most of the people in our area who fish and I know a lot more in other areas also. I consider all of them my friends. If I have a problem there will be someone around who will help me if they can.

I’m the same way — if they are in trouble and need something I have to get around it, if I have it they can borrow it. I’ve called them when my boat has conked out and so far, every time, someone has come and pulled me back in. Fishing friends are a blessing if you have about any problem.

Where this is going is I had some people who are now my friends come up from Conroe down by Houston to fish a day and a half with me. One is fishing a major tournament coming up on Texoma in October. My son Travis, who is a captain in the Longview Fire Dept., had told him I knew Texoma pretty good.

He called and wanted to fish out of his boat so he could way point things I would show him before the lake goes off limits next week. This is one of those stories that runs the disclaimer “the names are changed to protect the innocent.” In this case they will be omitted.

They arrived Sunday around 12 p.m. and wanted to hit the water. We launched and I began a run in Little Mineral as I showed him places that had produced for me in the past. He had a big Triton boat with all of the whistles and bells. I was awed by the graphs he had and tried to stay as far away from the touch screen as I could. Things were going well when all at once the main graph went on strike. Nothing worked.

His other graphs all operated off the main one. As I don’t understand anything new, I watched. It never came back. He had fished the Bassmaster Circuit for three years. Evidently, he knew someone at Lowrance who was a friend of his. They talked on the phone and his friend got him some of his pages back but he was still in the dark on what he wanted.

We had wasted fishing time while he was trying to get his graph working. He followed my directions and I caught several fish while he watched. Not being in the best of spirits, we went in.

Now I had never met these people before. I was at the house when my phone rang. It was him and he asked if I had any flat five amp plug in fuses. I got up, put on my shoes, and drove to where they were staying. I got there, he plugged the fuse in and his graph worked a little better, but not much.

They were also having trolling motor trouble. It was running like a top then it quit and never turned over again. It seems like they had not gotten the tarp on tight enough and had not turned off the switch — coming up it would flop down and turn on the motor. Trolling motors aren’t supposed to drive from Conroe running because they get hot. It was so hot it melted the tarp and it stuck to the motor.

The next morning, he asked if I could take his partner fishing while he took his boat to Gary Stewart Boat Repair to see if Gary could help him. His motor was toast. This guy had driven from Conroe to Texoma, had to pay for two nights at the lighthouse, had his high dollar graph go on strike, his trolling motor was done for and he still hadn’t caught a fish on Texoma.

This where the friend part comes in — despite all his problems he and I had become friends because I went out of my way to help him.

Tuesday morning I went fishing. It was perfect with little wind and cloud cover. I pulled up on a sand point with a little wind blowing into it. It and the bank was loaded with bass. Most were small but a chunk would also hit now and then.

Switching between a Black Booyah Buzz bait and a black Sliver POP R I caught a slew of them. I stayed on that bank for over an hour and caught fish every time I drifted down with the wind or run my trolling motor into the wind.

Wednesday morning I went back and the bass were still there mixed in with some big sand bass and little stripers. Same baits worked just not as good as Tuesday. Laying my casting rods down I picked up my Booyah Shaky Head rod with a 1/8 oz. jig put a 4 inch YUM Rib Worm on. The wind was stronger Wednesday. I would toss it upwind, then let the wind and waves work it on the bottom. I caught my share of shaky head fish before I decided to call it a day.

From a day of disaster Monday to couple of days of heaven catching fish and making new friends, it was a fun three days.

Last week I made a predication on the Gunter-Pottsboro game. I told people at the game I had forgot to put it in my article but Gunter was going to win by 14. I got close but was off by 13. This Friday Gunter plays Whitesboro in Gunter. The fearless weasel predicts that Tigers like Bearcats for lunch and win by 10.