That can be a $64 question.

My son-in-law, owner of Adventure Texoma Outdoors Guide Service, said the cloud cover recently turned the stripers on. Talking to the fishing friends I have they think the influx of fresh water may not be enough to really change the lake elevation. It may help cool the water a little but not drastically.

There will also be some portions of the lake muddy up a little. With a lot of big tournaments and championships coming up this month, my view is it will help. If you disagree with me it’s okay — everyone has their own opinion.

The crappie have taught me a lot this year. I never knew summer time fishing could be so good. On the other side of the lake Jeff Foreman, a friend of mine who makes crappie lures, says it’s the same way over there. The difference is he knew how to fish for the warm water fish and now I do too.

Monday Susan let me off the chain gang. Grabbing my rods and tackle pack with my fish basket and jumping in the golf cart, I headed for our ramp. Ten minutes after I left the house I was unlocking the gate to a loaner boathouse as the one I fish is under construction. As soon as I got a plastic tube and a Crappie Nibble on my 1/16 oz Blakemore Road Runner, I let it free fall to the bottom it stopped. I was line watching and set the hook one fish in the basket, it was fish on.

I had to keep moving. Crappie aren’t dumb and after several of their family and friends disappear they quit biting. Moving just a few feet will often find fish willing to bite. I kept moving and catching. I caught over 20 but only kept 16 bigger ones.

There were 24 fillets in the freezer and the eight I kept out was supper for Wednesday night. Fresh corn on the cob and a salad, with English peas ala Webb style filled both of us up with a few left-over bites of fish for Ginger.

Thank the Lord for making such an easy to catch and good eating fish.

I want to give all my outdoor friends some advice. Jet skiing or just boating or fishing or sun tanning — wear a head cover. Because I’m out in the sun so much I go for a bi-Annual exam of my dermis at Texoma Dermatology, not to be confused with my dumas, which I have had a lot of lately. Dr. Stewart found a spot on my head he said he needed to get a chunk of to send off.

He asked if I wore a hat when I was out for a long period of time in the sun. When I said yes most of the time but now and then a short time in the sun turns into a long time. I will cover my head hence forth if I’m out. Some time later they called and said come back the sample of me turned out to be a skin bad report.

He cut it all out on my second visit and said it was likely caused by the sun. Please get checked if you are an outdoor person. Mine was caught in time to be easily removed, not catching it in time the results aren’t pretty.

I’ve not been bass chasing this week as I write this. I hear through the grapevine that bass fishing is slow from some good fishermen. Those who say they are catching bass say for the most part they are small keepers but not what you will need to place in the rash of tournaments due on Texoma.

The Annual Welcome Home feeding and fishing fun for our Troops this November is under way. Jerry Dorsey says he is expecting at least a 100 of them for the annual event. He needs more boats to help out the guides who donate their time and boats to make sure all of the troops can go out.

You don’t have to be a guide to take some of these service people out fishing. If you can and would like to help out, call Jerry at 903-786-3981. He is also accepting money donations to help defray the cost and feed the troops. The Lakeside VFW Post 7873, Amvets Post 231, Elks Lodge 238, Georgetown Church, Little Mineral Marina, Tanglewood and Vietnam Veterans Post 973 are all in this too. Donations of food money or boats will be appreciated or just volunteering to help out.