After two days of house arrest I finally got out Wednesday. Since it had been awhile since I had been in my boat I had to re-introduce myself to her.

I launched and the water was perfectly colored. I headed out and the sun was shining but there an occasional cloud came over now and then. The lake had a few white caps showing. The wind had a pretty good chop on the water.

I adjusted the pitch of the motor and it was a smooth ride to the back of Little Mineral. Well before I got to where I wanted to start fishing, I ran into the mud line. It was like milk chocolate the further back you went. I was wanting to fish all of the brush in the back with the new Booyah Chatter Swimming jig. It is the most snag-proof Chatter bait I have ever used.

While it will occasionally hang, the other Chatterbaits are a lot worse grabbing things than this one is. I was throwing it in all of the brush and only had one hang up I had to go get. After about an hour with no fish to show for it, I left and hit our catfish point I wrote about and only caught a striper on a Norman Nutter Middle N crankbait.

Leaving this area, the wind was getting up. I got into clear water on the east side that had wind on it but not as much as on the west side. The rocky points with wind blowing in on them were pulling at me to fish. I started with a Black Booyah Buzz Bait, don’t be afraid to throw a black lure on a sunny day in clear water, after a short while I had my first bass in the boat off the end of a tree in the water.

Having the new Booyah Chatter Swim Jig, I had gotten already tied on I started fishing rocky points. I had been fishing for a while with only a striper and a small, legal bass to show for my efforts. Making a cast up almost on the bank by another tree in the water I worked the swim jig through the limbs out on the end. It was crushed by a nice bass in about two feet of water.

I got it in, took a selfie holding the fish — I’m guessing maybe three pounds — and released her. It was no fish for a while. I saw a tree in the water like the one I had caught the fish off of. A long cast had me almost on the bank again and the new swimming jig was bumping its way through the branches the biggest bass of the day crushed it.

It too was in the heavy three-plus pound range. After that the sun was getting hotter. I had slurped up my last bottle of Powerade and not wanting to stay out and get dehydrated, I left and run back to our cove.

Up until then it had been a slow, but fair, fishing day as it wasn’t 11 a.m. yet.

I had cut up a neighbor’s big pecan limb the storm had broken off. I put up all of my rods and reels but for the crappie ones. I had cut the smaller limbs off the big pecan limb while cutting up the bigger limb for smoking with.

I put the limbs and some rocks in my boat went out to where I had dropped a marker float. I got in position and heaved a small brush pile out into the water I caught a glimpse of a rod and reel tangled up in it. As I leaped for the branch to hold it back, it and the reel sank slowly into the water.

Here’s my sign: I didn’t make sure it would go in the water without catching anything. I might try grappling for it but if I don’t find it I can get another like it at a fishing store cheap. I’m just glad I had taken my good rods and reels and put them in a rod locker.

The muddy water should not cause too much of a problem as it looked to be just surface mud. It should all be mostly gone by this weekend.

Striper fishing continues to be good. I saw several schooling bunch’s just off the banks on the east side of Little Mineral all morning long. Don’t forget to buy your new hunting and fishing licenses before September 1 to beat the rush.