The Denison tennis team opened its season with a pair of home victories, 12-9 against Sulphur Springs and 17-4 against Greenville, on Monday.

In the victory against Sulphur Springs, Avery Hall, Madison Patterson, Coney Corbett, Mia Fierro and Jenna Hoppert won in girls singles while Alex Evans and Patterson, Fierro and Corbett and Madeline Monsivais and Hoppert combined for doubles wins. Noah Embrey picked up a boys singles win and teamed with Gab Streun for a double victory, Allan Kinghorn and Rhys Morgan also won in boys doubles.

In the win over Greenville, Luke Sparlin, Jackson Brandt, Layne Hensley, Joseph Mullillin and Embrey had boys singles victories, Sparlin and Brandt, Hensley and Moody and Streun and Noah Embrey added doubles wins, girls singles winners were Evans, Hall, Miciah Wetzold, Patterson and Crystal Sanchez, Evans and Wetzold and Patterson and Corbett won in doubles and Mullillin and Hall picked up a mixed doubles victory for the Jackets.