Looking at the results of the Future Bass Tournament last Saturday, it shows Texoma right now is tough fishing — 53 teams took on the lake for black bass and 29 zeroed. Brett and Bruce Taylor won with four going 21.04 pounds with a 7.9-pound big bass.

Wednesday Mike Daugherty and I took on the lake. We started early and at our first stop Mike caught a bream. Moving to my second spot I caught a bass and Mike caught a bass. After fishing around the point, we went back to where we had caught the two bass. Mike set the hook on a big fish; he and I were both excited until he got it to the top and it had whiskers.

Not long after he tied in to another catfish, I set the hook and the fish went in a brush pile. When I worked it out it had whiskers so we left there and moved on. Our next stop had Mike catch a striper. We moved again, fishing a rock ledge and I caught our best bass of the day. Mike caught another catfish. The next stop had him catch a small bass.

At one of our other stops we both caught a drum. It was getting warm and we were getting hungry so I suggested we go catch some crappie. Getting as close as I could to my old office I put on Blakemore Road Runners for both of us and tipped them with Crappie Nibbles and in a short period caught seven crappie.

All we lacked hitting for the cycle was a gar and sandbass. Now I likely wouldn’t have caught as many fish as I did if Mike hadn’t been wearing me out. He was throwing a Norman Middle N crankbait. I probably would not have tried a Crankbait. After he caught a third fish I started tossing a Norman Middle N Fire Tiger and it worked. I think every fish we caught Wednesday, except for the crappie, was on a Crankbait.

I had been hearing about a new Blade Jig Bait Booyah was coming out with. I wasn’t told much before the CAST event. I was told after they were released at CAST I would get some. Well it helps to have friends at Pradco Fishing who found me some because they are so popular they were sold out in their online ordering.

They are called Booyah Melee I got them Wednesday. They are awesome and different from the other Chatter Baits out there. It looks like it will solve or reduce the problem of the baits hanging up. The head is different and the blade looks like it will guard the hook from brush and grass.

Another pleasant surprise was several packs of new 4.5-inch Pulse Swimbaits. They look to be deadly also. I plan on giving them both a try Thursday. I haven’t got them yet but Blakemore Road Runner introduced a new stand out hook for Drop Shoting and Crappie Fishing with Buck tails tied to the hook. Waiting on them.

I want to think the companies who have put up with me over the years getting me some of their latest product on the market. The cool morning and light wind made being on the lake enjoyable. With the long-range weather forecast looking good, hit the water.

Just in this morning’s critter results: you can herd a skunk with a super bright flashlight. I have escorted two out of my yard with no accidents. Also there is a raccoon robbing my bird feeders. Around 10 p.m. Wednesday I shined my light on the feeder and a big raccoon was there. He jumped down and took off for the drain pipe that crosses my yard.

I set my live trap. If you want to catch a raccoon use marshmallows. When I got up Thursday morning it was still dark. I checked my trap and it was gone — the raccoon had stolen it. I had set it on the side of the hill my feeder is on. I found it and a mad raccoon at the bottom of the hill. He had got it rolling and went with it. Fun at the lake.