This first week of July has been exciting at the lake to say the least. Well we have to slip June 30 in also. We had our annual fireworks show at the lake. While some were fusing up the fireworks some of the rest of us were standing around sipping and talking and were good go-fers.

One of us, I forget who it was, said “look at those swimmers, they must be having a good time.” We looked and a long way out in the lake we could see two swimmers splashing, going under, coming up and waving. Being friendly we waved back and kept on sipping. We kept watching the two and they were still carrying on.

Finally, some girls closer to them begin screaming “they are drowning.” A couple of our bunch started that way when four men ran into the water and got to them. They took only one — the other was all right.

Before they had him out of the water I took off to where they had pulled him out just in case he needed mouth to mouth. He had a pulse, was breathing and was gurgling so I knew he didn’t need me. They finally got him in a sitting up position but he was still out of it.

He was a good-size boy and it took four men to get him to his feet — he was swaying like a willow tree. They released him and he promptly fell back in the lake. Hauled out once more by Good Samaritans, his friends finally took him away. It was a close call but it was his lucky day.

While this was all going on I was talking to the man swimming with him and he said his friend cried, “I can’t go any further” and went under. Luckily the man I was talking to was an excellent swimmer and managed to get both of them back to shallow enough water to stand up and help arrived. Just another day at the lake.

Tuesday night I had two friends from the DFW area come up to go night fishing with me. The wind had blown all day but nothing real high, and the last three nights had laid at sundown.

That was the forecast for Tuesday night, a far cry from what Mother Nature delivered. You can’t tell exactly what the old girl is up to accurately. I went down to our ramp and all at once dust, leaves and anything not tied down were rolling across the ground. It went from 10 miles per hour to gusts over 40 in nothing flat. My friends arrived and it was still howling.

We debated but decided to go fishing anyway. The wind still hadn’t let up. Running to the east bank, we started fishing hoping the wind would lay. Finally, we went up and rounded Grandpappy Point. That was it for us there were huge rollers and waves coming in. We turned and decided to fish the rest of the east bank of Little Mineral.

It wasn’t bad wind-wise but the fish had moved out. I was the only one who caught a fish; it was a big largemouth and went for my Crankbait in about five feet of water. We finally gave up and went in and loaded up. After shooting the bull for a while and me helping others who managed to make it in load up their boats by putting my head lights on the ramp, we got everyone out and on their way home. I locked the gate and was in the bed by midnight.

Thursday night I’m trying it again. There are some big bass on the Rocky bank just waiting for a hand painted Bomber 6A Crankbait to come by. An even better bait is a Booyah Black Moon Talker Spinner bait tipped with a black 7-inch black worm trailer. If you can give up a few hours of sleep try a night trip this summer. Hook up with a big smallmouth in the dark or under a full moon and you will go again.

It’s hot now and on the lake or just working so drink plenty of water, stay hydrated and take a break often. I sound like a broken record but big hat, sunscreen, long sleeve shirt and common since can save your skin and a maybe a visit to the dermatologist. Hope you had a great Fourth.