Well there are a lot of good fishermen out there who might dispute this during the early dog days of summer. Fishing has been tough for Monday and Tuesday. I have had limits of nice bass both days but I had to work to get them. That’s not my idea of fun fishing, the work part.

Both days I started early. The morning bite wasn’t there. Finally, I left the shallow brush in the back of Little Mineral and headed out. I made a gas-burning run to East Burns run. Water was in the willows and that’s all I saw besides a snake. It’s shallow but fishing was bad.

Off on another gas trip to Eisenhower Marina, two boats were already working where I wanted to fish but I never saw either catch anything. Idling out I saw a sight that’s become common now on Texoma as a school of small stripers tore up the water. Not looking for them I went on down the bluffs.

There were quite a few boats working them but I think they were left over from the Seventh Fleet that gathers at the dam each morning at or just after sunrise. They start fishing there and follow the stripers down the bluffs then out toward Table Top.

There is a like number of boats coming down from Oklahoma and the lake gets crowded. Most of the boats are friendly and try to stay away a little from each other till one boat catches some fish then it has company. The day I was there, I was drafted by Jerry Dorsey to help catch fish for a Warrior Welcome Home fish fry.

It was for a group of veterans who had been or returned from the Middle East. If you read my articles you know how I feel about our military. They deserve the best. You like the what you are free to do each day? Thank a veteran.

Back to my bass fishing — Monday was really hard and I had to stay out longer than I had planned to get five. They were all tournament legal but not a lot of weight. My best one was around four pounds. I seem to be stuck on that size.

I caught one on a Rebel Pop R, then seeing some trees in the water I moved over to them and picked up four more or a Wacky worm rig and a Shaky head. Every fish come off the very end of the tree, and I could see bottom most of the time. The average depth I caught them from was maybe four feet. I let them all go.

Tuesday I had a little better luck as shallow brush in the coves had fish on them. The Rebel Pop R was the bait they wanted. When I missed one I threw my Wacky worm at the spot and most times they would hit it as it fell. It the Shaky head and a Swimbait were my lures of choice.

Wednesday my friend Charlie Hill took me fishing in his boat. I was down 3-0 in the first hour. Charlie is an old-school bass fisherman. His favorite bait is any of the old Heddon Chuggers or its cousin a Lucky 13. However he has learned to use the wacky Worm and it works for him.

He might not fish it exactly like most people do but he catches fish and that’s what it’s all about. I had him go back to the trees in the water where I had my Tuesday luck. He caught two more and I picked up three on three casts.

We had an audience of two people in a boat I knew fishing for stripers watching us as I caught those three in a row. We quit after three hours. We had eight fish between us. Good day lots of laughs and catching fish it doesn’t get any better.

My sign for this week: I came home from fishing Monday. Susan told me my little raised garden plants were full of aphids. I had mixed up a sprayer with grass poison. I had another just like it with garden spray.

My large brain said pick that one. I did, went out and sprayed the tomatoes, Squash, bell peppers and my prize watermelon plant. It was grass killer not garden spray. I have no watermelon, squash, peppers and two of my three tomato plants are on life support. Here’s my sign.