My younger readers will probably not know what a depot stove was. My older readers will remember them from winters past. Let’s just say it was a favorite place in winter for people on the railroad and in homes and businesses to back up to. It was hotter than a usual stove fire. That’s the way Texoma is now for fishing.

Monday Charlie Hill and I went out and didn’t have a good morning. Wednesday, we went out at 6:30 a.m. and were back in by 11. Unlike Monday, we caught bass pretty steadily on Wednesday.

We both were catching fish. We only had one striper slip in and nail Charlie’s Spinnerbait. We were spanked by several bass we didn’t catch. I broke two good fish off and between Charlie and me, we caught and released 10 or 12 — we weren’t counting very close.

All of our fish were solid tournament fish with a four-pounder our best. I caught one that must have dated a Buffalo — it had a hump on his back about two inches high. Brush was the key structure. Ninety percent of the fish we caught came out of shallow brush. The Topwater fish came on Rebel Pop R’s and an old Heddon Chugger.

While I was waiting on Charlie to get to the ramp I was throwing a Black Booyah Buzz Bait across the boat ramp and caught a good bass.

We were fishing a rocky, brushy bank. Charlie has been having a little problem with a rib muscle lately. When he sets a hook, it hurts. He set the hook on a fish and got it in. When I looked around he was flat on my back deck holding his side.

Always willing to help a friend I asked if he wanted me to shoot him. He didn’t laugh so I figured I should let him alone. I kept fishing and he kept laying. I caught a couple of more bass when he groaned and got up. It’s nothing to make fun of but he said I might have to reel in any more fish he caught. He was still sitting up when we quit at 11. Bass fishing was very good so get out this weekend and give it a try.

My guide friends say it’s lights-out striper fishing now. Live bait, Slabs, Swim baits (I like the YUM Money Minnows 4 inches long), Trolling and A rigs are all producing.

Smaller stripers are surfacing all over the lake. Big shad schools are easy to find just watch the surface of the water. Wednesday nearly all the guides were already coming in with limits by 10 a.m. Our weather guesser’s wind speed forecast was a little short of what was blowing on the lake. There were some big rollers out there.

Pontoon boats are becoming more popular with boaters. They are also fishing out of them. We had several troll by us as we worked down the bank; they were all friendly waving and talking to us. I can see why — with a family or friends you can take more of them with you, fish in comfort and catch fish. A bass or striper boat can work you pretty hard at times.

Crappie are still good. They are also relating to brush tops in 12-20 feet of water and in boathouses. I’m using jigs I pour. If you lose as many as I do it would break your bank replacing them with store-bought ones.

While most of the crappie we are catching are not carrying eggs, now and then I clean one with eggs. Hagerman should still be a good place to go as the water is falling and should push the crappie back into the bigger creeks.

It doesn’t matter what kind of fish you are after Texoma is the place to go fishing now.

The Texas Tournament Trail two-day championship event on Sam Rayburn last weekend was won by Clayton Boulware and Albert Collins with a two-day total of 64.09 pounds, anchored by a 9.47-pound big bass.

Texomaland had several very good local regular tournament fishermen entered. Big Sam treated them all pretty ugly as only one got a check. Pilot Point’s Dan Wilson and his Partner wound up highest in 16th place with 35 pounds. Sherman’s Bobby Badarack was 25th while Oklahoma fishermen Jeff Reynolds and Johnny Thompson were 27th. It went downhill from there for locals entered.

If you do go on the lake this weekend take plenty of water and sunscreen. Drink often, thirsty or not. Keeping hydrated will help you enjoy the lake. Hats, shirts and good sunglasses are also recommended. I have no signs for this week as I’ve been good.