Splashes and Jumps Topwater Time is Here

I like fishing. Crappie fishing has been outstanding this spring. I have stocked my freezer with the tasty fish. They are still biting but have slowed a little. There has been nothing else on the big crappie caught last week.

I am turning more of my time now to my favorite fish — the bass. Black, spotted or silver, it doesn’t make any difference. If they will hit a surface lure I like them. There is not anything in the fishing world in my mind that equals the thrill you get when a big green or silver fish explodes on a top water bait, danced, walked or popped across the water’s surface.

The strikes can be awesome or so soft you don’t know they have your lure. It’s there and the next instance it’s gone. A big bass hit can remind you of a commode flushing as water, bait and fish all explode. I have had and I’m sure some of my fishing readers have also had a black bass jump out of the water and come down on top of our lure and you don’t catch the fish. I still don’t know how six hooks can keep from sticking it somewhere.

Tuesday, I got up and, after several cups of coffee, I decided to maybe go fishing. It wasn’t long after it got light that I took our daughter and house boss Ginger for her morning ride. We went to the boat ramp and as I looked out over the water I knew I was going fishing.

Back at the house I quickly hooked up and was back at the ramp. It was overcast with enough wind blowing to ruffle the surface. Making a run to my Pop R shore line I opted to go with a Buzz Bait, Booyah of course. My reason was there had been a lot of brush and trees washed in along and just off the bank.

The rising lake has a lot of them just under the water; getting one of those multi-hook baits through them can be a challenge. Plus, if a bass does hit he can run down into the brush and either hang you up or get off. There are other lures that work better in these conditions but I was topwater fishing.

I made several casts, as one of them came over a log in the water the water just humped up and a bass inhaled my buzz Bait. With only one hook to worry about and it was in the bass’s mouth, my only worry was keeping it out of the brush. I won and swung a nice bass in the boat.

Not long after I had one just pull my bait under, but I was slow on the hook set and it was gone. Not long afterward I missed another. Switching to a Bomber Fire Tiger crankbait off a rocky point running into the water got me another keeper bass. After fishing several more places with a lot of casting and no fish and with the sun breaking out, I switched to a 5/16 Ball head jig I pour and put a swimbait my friend Jeff Foreman makes on it.

I began hitting boathouses. There were bass in some of them and some not. I was talking to a man at one of them. He asked about Texoma Bass Club, as we talked I had let my lure fall straight down. I felt a tic, set the hook and caught a good bass as he watched. I got it to the top for both of us to see it and it came off. That was it for Tuesday.

Wednesday I went to Highport. Once again, I was there early. I started with a Rebel Pop R, after a while still looking for a bite I picked up my rod with an old Floating lizard tied on — I just happen to have a lot of them. Tossing it right up on the edge of the bank I started doing my imitation of a lizard that had too much to drink.

It wobbled from side to side while swimming in a straight line. I fished it with a stop and go retrieve. Just off the bank I had stopped it, then, when I moved it, the water blew up as a four-pound bass took the lizard off the top of the water. That will excite anyone when a big fish does that.

Releasing that bass, it wasn’t long before I had another big swirl in the water but I didn’t get a hook in it. Disaster struck as I backlashed one reel beyond help. Later after a long cast saw my line break and I lost about 30 feet of line that just broke I got my bait and the line back.

That retired reel number two. It wasn’t any time later on a cast I hit a cross walk and poofed up another: reel number three retired. Further along the bank as I fished I had my lizard just disappear and my line started moving off. I set the hook on a really big bass and managed to break it off as it ran into a bunch of cables and hoses in the water. I fished on.

As the sun was up and it was getting warm I picked up my rod with a Chatter bait. Many casts later I set the hook on another chunky bass. The knot master must have not tied a good knot because the fish and my chatter bait are in Highport somewhere, the end of my line was curly.

Wednesday was a day that shows anyone can have a bad day but I can’t complain. I caught fish both days with a couple being really good size fish.

When I got to the house I had three phone calls from my friend Roger. He wanted to pull the pontoon out so another friend could work on the carburetors. The boat battery was dead we decided, as it would barely turn the motor. Taking my golf cart, we went to get another.

We got a battery we knew was hot. Lugging it into the stall and onto the boat we hooked up the jumper cables, but same thing — it would barely turn over. Took it to his house to charge but it showed full. Back to the boathouse, lugged the big battery in, hooked it up again and it would barely turn the motor over. I reached down to unhook the jumpers and found the hot wire was loose on the post. Tightened it up and the boat started. Here’s our sign.