If you have ever wanted to catch fish, now is the time to get to the lake. Now you don’t need a boat; they do give you a slight advantage but with the water warming I’m seeing crappie fishermen wading along the shore catching fish.

People staying on the bank are also catching a mixed bag — crappie, catfish, bass, stripers and bream. Bass are in all stages of spawn, crappie are also moving in and out.

We are catching them every day. Minnows, Blakemore Road Runner’s, jigs with soft plastic baits tipped with a Crappie Nibble is all you need. Stripers have come back into the lake and guides are catching limits in a short time. Live Bait, Slabs, and soft plastics as well as trolling A Rigs and Crankbaits will get you fish now.

Most fish continue to be shallow and keying on structure, except the stripers and catfish who are in deeper water. While May sees the decline in bedding fish, it’s the start of the catfish spawn. They also like deep water and spawning in dark holes and cracks along rocky shores.

The Bluffs toward the Dam have been good spots for catching them since I can remember. Most anytime you were down there you would see an empty boat look around and you would see a fisherman in a tube float dabbling a short pole and heavy line into those dark spots.

Now you will see the fishermen in kayaks instead of tubes doing the same thing. Bass are just about everywhere you see — rocks, timber, laydowns and in marinas. The floods we had the last few years have contributed to a big increase in bass as they had a lot more protection for their fry. Best baits now seem to be anything mimicking a shad.

We have just had a shad spawn. I personally like Booyah Spinnerbaits, I like the Counter strike because of its counter rotating blades it allows for a faster retrieve than some other Spinners. YUM Money Minnow Swim Baits, Worms and Shaky heads and Soft Jerk Baits like the YUM Breaking Shad are also great this time of year.

Boathouses are coming into play now as bass after spawning often hang around under the floats. A Buzz Bait or Square bill crankbait might not be a bad choice either as the water is in the 60s. These baits are just suggestions, this time of year anything is apt to work fishing is that good.

I’m just starting to use a new Pad Crasher Frog called the Toad Runner. It looks great in the water. Locally Academy is carrying it. It combines the looks and action of a frog with a Buzz bait type of splashing with it’s adjustable tail.

I’ve used this wording before but it fits. How good is Texoma? Two weeks ago, I missed out reporting on a tournament. Joe Copeland’s Future Bass Tournament went out of Alberta Creek. 68 teams fished. There were 50, five-fish limits, eight teams with less than a limit and 10 zeroes.

Fishermen I talked to said they had limits early and were culling all day long trying to pick up extra weight. Winning was Scott and Hayden Burkett at 21.33 pounds, second was Mark Robinson and his son Matthew from Sherman with 21.23 pounds. Matthew also had tournament big bass with a 7.92-pounder.

Third was Graylen Malear and Eddie Ramsey at 20.71 pounds, fourth was Duane Smith and Jack Hayden with 20.6 pounds and fifth was Mike Drain and Andy Ferguson at 19.95 pounds.

The top five were squeaky close. There were 284 fish caught weighing over 1,000 pounds.

This Saturday, May 5, the Texas Team Trail is having a tournament hosted by Lake Ray Roberts Marina on the west end of the Dam. It’s one of the big-time TV shows and the public is welcome. Weigh in starts at 3 p.m..

Get outside and go fishing. The Lake is waiting.