Well, I’m back on Bass Mountain. I have left chasing those silver fish for awhile. They are fun to catch but I prefer bass. I’m happy as an Eskimo in his igloo we are finally getting some cold weather. The good thing is the days and nights have made the water cold enough to see my winter bass start to move where they should be, unlike the last two years without a real winter.

I fished last Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Saturday it was a little rough with 2-3 foot waves and I got splashed and my boat plenty wet. The cold water hitting me wasn’t bad as the temp was still above freezing and I was dressed for it.

In those three days I caught 23 bass, nothing under two pounds and a five-pounder was my best I caught Friday. The rest were 2-4 pounds.

My Saturday trip was the hardest of the three days. I stopped off at one of my four winter spots and wasted about an hour there. At my better and best second stop I had planned fishing I found a boat setting on it. I piddled around while they fished not too far from them.

They didn’t have their boat in the proper position to fish this hole and weren’t using the right baits. Don’t laugh — not putting your boat in the proper place to fish can make the difference in catching and fishing, especially in the colder water. Why? Don’t ask me; I just see it work. When they left they moved over to another spot not too far away.

I got a fish on my first drop and was tempted to yell and show it to them but I didn’t. Saturday wasn’t as easy as the first two days had been. I had to work to get three from this spot.

I was dead-sticking a Blakemore Road Runner with a plastic trailer doused in YUM F2 Shad fish attractant. I use it religiously in cold water. Friday between dead-sticking and using a Cotton Cordell Jigging Spoon 3/4 oz in Chrome it worked well enough for me to put 11 fish in the boat.

Thursday using the same baits found me catching nine. Only two of my spots had fish all three days the others didn’t produce any.

Sunday I just kept the fireplace going while practicing for New Year’s night. Susan was under the weather and being the kind woman she is said for me to go without her. I minded real good and did. Food, beverages, games, music and visiting. I was in fine shape as I was telling them about a couple of events that happened earlier last week.

Being a good bird tender I have braved the cold several times a day to keep my bird bath open so they can get water. I was also filling the feeders. The gold finches, cardinals and assorted other birds were chowing down about as fast as I could fill them up.

Another noteworthy event that took place at the end of 2017. Susan or I have to take our goldie Ginger on a morning golf cart ride around in about any kind of weather. If we don’t she is in a snit all day.

We show her who the boss is by braving the weather for her. We were tooling along when a pit bull that I had seen around before and, except for barking and running along side of me, had showed no anger. This time he ran up, grabbed my foot and shoe, and tried to pull me out of the cart. I can show you the teeth marks in the shoes I was wearing. I keep a persuader club close at hand when riding around.

I’m a dog person and go way over the line to keep from hurting any of them. I whacked him pretty good across the nose, he let my foot go and ran around to the other side barking and growling and was getting in the cart. He looked like he was going for Ginger, who was sitting beside me. This time I hit him on the head hard. He fell out of the cart. The last I saw of him he was wobbling off tamely. Haven’t seen him since.

I got home and called the non emergency sheriff’s number and reported it. She said she would contact animal control. She then came back and said no one was answering. I asked her to send a deputy out and I would show him where it happened and where I think the dog lived. She said she would but it might be a while. Four hours later I gave up on waiting.

I understand that we have too few deputies for rapid response unless it is a real emergency so I’m not down on them — they do the best they can for people in Grayson County and I respect them very highly. What kinda ticked me off was almost a week after I reported the attack I got a call from Animal Control saying he had got my message but he thought it happened the day he called. I just let it go, maybe if there is a next time things will workout better. Grayson County has a leash law but only one officer to enforce it and this is a big rural area.

I haven’t been fishing in this cold snap as much as I like winter fishing. Watching college football while eating junk food kept me happy. I pretty much draw the line about fishing when your tackle freezes up. I’m planning on going out soon.