This about covers it for this week. Christmas will have come and gone before my next article comes out. Susan, Ginger and I wish all of you a Merry Christmas. I get my Christmas gifts all year long as my readers come up and tell me how much they like what I write; thank all of you.

This year one of them made me a plate of snicker doodles and left it with Gary Stewart at his boat repair shop to give to me. This was Tuesday and Gary called and said he was at his shop as no one was home at my place.

Now I was on the lake down by the water intake trying to get my rain gear on as a wall of water was coming, holding and talking on the phone about doodles. I was busy as that one-legged cat in a sand box I mention now and then.

I only had one arm available was standing there in my sock feet, balancing on one leg as I was getting my rain pants on. The wind was blowing, it was cold and the rain began to hit. I wish I had more time to talk to the gentleman who brought me those doodles but it was getting wet.

I got the bottoms on, then the tops, when rain like Noah might have seen hit. Before I could get my shoes on my feet were soaked. I finally was able to get to a boat stall in the back of Wisdom Cove.

I got a towel, dried my feet, took out a dry pair of socks — I carry a complete change of clothes and towels in my boat in winter and summer.

To this story I can add one more Christmas Gift from my Guardian Angel. Walking down to my boat I was thinking about something else and stopped one step away from walking off the dock into the water. See, I have a lot of gifts to be thankful for that don’t get under the tree.

Football. My school of many undeserved spankings, Gunter, played for its second state championship at Jerry World Thursday. You will know the outcome as you read this. Looking ahead and still at 100 percent in my predictions I’m saying Gunter wins by 14 points. Win or lose I’ll be there. A win like I’m expecting would just be another gift for me.

My boathouse crappie have gone on vacation as I’m not catching them like I was. Tuesday I was looking for silver fish. I had been whacking them. It’s fun pulling in one after the other.

There were no birds working; the tire breakwaters were white with gulls. Fishing in places where I and people with me had been catching was also dead and the rain had me going home with one good Kentucky I caught on a Sassy Shad in 28 feet of water to show for my time.

Wednesday I was determined to catch some fish. I didn’t get on the water till after 1 p.m. — no rain, no birds and no fish. I’m done for this week. I think I’m going back up on Bass Mountain as I’m seeing pictures of nice catches of bass on my Facebook and I got to see a picture of an eight-pound bass caught in our cove on a live Shad by a cat fisherman off the bank. I don’t fish for catfish, I don’t want them in my boat but there are some big ones being caught.

Looking ahead, if you keep your boat outside or in a cold building make sure it’s drained. Work on getting a light or heat source working to put in your boat near your aerators, livewells and batteries — just make sure it isn’t touching anything.

Also find something to wrap around your lower unit. We will get some cold weather sooner or later and getting things ready now beats doing it when it’s cold. Wish I could give you a better report but I write how my life at the lake happens. Sometimes you are the bat, sometimes the ball.