Lake Texoma To Host High School Bass Fishing Tournament

I mentioned this before in an earlier article. A lot of schools now have bass fishing teams. They fish a circuit like the pro fishermen do for points towards scholarships.

The state is divided up into four regions. North Texas region member Gunter is hosting this event Saturday, December 2, that will see a possible 200-300 boats and 600 young fishermen hitting Texoma for a one-day tournament.

Highport Marina is hosting the weigh-in and take-off Saturday. Each boat has two fishermen and an adult running the boat. Trailering will be allowed so boat traffic on the area roads may be a little heavier than usual.

One of the Gunter team members might be a little tired as he is playing in the playoff game against Holliday at Springtown. This is about a two-hour drive from Texomaland to the stadium. He has to play in the game, get home around 1 a.m. or later, and be ready to go fishing Saturday morning.

Once I could do this easily; now I like my sleep. The public is welcome to come out to Highport and watch the weigh-in. It will be starting around 2:30 p.m.

Tuesday a lake friend wanted to take a Pontoon boat out for a drive on the water, then load it up and put it under the storage cover and get it ready for the winter. As I am now a low-water fisherman, having come down from Bass Mountain and joined the gulls and boats chasing those silver fish, I made a suggestion: “Let’s fish out of the ‘toon.”

I furnished the rods and reels and lures. I’m a jinx on boats lately. This time we made sure we had a full tank of gas. The boat started and we backed it out of the stall. That’s the last time it went in reverse — it would only go forward. After that we really had to watch and fish to make sure we didn’t drift into more than we could get out of, as backing wasn’t gonna happen.

We found gulls working at the mouth of our cove. A couple of boats were on it already. We joined in and after fishing for a time without anything to show, we left looking for more gulls.

Just before Little Mineral Marina we found gulls working and proceeded to fish under them. Big Slabs were the secret bait. We caught a bunch of fish under this flock. They left us so we moved out to more open water and found another cloud of gulls snagging shad, bombing the loons and making big boils in the water as there was some busting the surface.

We caught fish and let all of them go. We caught a bunch of big stripers and a few sand bass, some of them of them over 20 inches. We released every fish we caught. When we left they were still biting but having a boat to load we left and went back to our ramp.

Having no reverse I hit the trailer just right on the first try; the linkage needs to be adjusted. Third boat in a row I’ve been in that has had problems. They all were running okay until I came on board.

Fishing under the gulls using Bomber 1-1/4 ounce Slabs and bigger are needed for the deep water you often find these fish in. Wind drift often takes you away from the schools before lighter slabs can get to the bottom.

We mainly fished the gulls, working those closest to the shore and caught fish after fish. We lost or missed a lot also. Fishing is great now on Texoma for stripers. Boat traffic is light and the fish are hungry.

After dining on stuffing and redbirds earlier in the year, and some goats, mustangs and other some other tigers, this week’s birds — the Holiday Eagles — might be a little tougher getting in the oven. Gunter’s bid for the regional final and advancing in the playoffs this Friday night at Springtown has this prediction: Gunter wins by 15.