Things Just Happen While Fishing on Texoma

Well, I finally got out of the crappie house for a couple of times lately. Last Thursday Rick Toth and I went fishing. I made a killing profit-wise off him as he bought me a bottle of questionable wine and an almost empty box of cheap beer. We had a day similar to my next article below.

But through luck — or he actually knew something — Rick got us in a spot that had some nice black bass mixed in with Stripers and sandbass. We were using big slabs in 10-14 feet of water and by golly, they worked. It’s a pattern I would never think of trying. We also had a fun day. Fishing with Rick is just plain funny.

Wednesday morning of this week Charlie Hill, my retired fireman friend, and I hit the lake. We like to joke about smoke on the water when it gets cold and it was in abundance in Little Mineral. We both were dressed like we were going to hike to the South Pole.

It felt good as it was cold on the lake and running 40 mph made it cut like a knife. Running to the back of Little Mineral we started fishing on a rocky bank.

We had been fishing for a short time without any attention paid to our lures by the fish. Now you probably should retire a rod that is close to 40 years old. Charlie was fishing with a Heddon Lucky 13. A cast close to the bank and he caught a keeper bass on it. I fished down the bank and was still fishless.

Charlie caught another one that got off. We turned the corner and he made a cast. There was a big blowup as a good bass struck. Charlie was using an old Ugly Stick he had bought when they first came out. He was using braided line which has no give.

When he set the hook his rod broke at the reel handle. As his rod slid into the water he was trying to reel with no rod. When that didn’t work he dropped it to the deck and began pulling in the fish hand over hand. The fish jumped and he was in the three-pound class. Charlie was using Braided line and he looked like he had walked into the granddaddy of all spider webs, or decorating for Halloween.

He had line hanging all over him. It was around his feet, reel and in the boat. He was still pulling when the fish jumped again and he kept hand over handing it. Like a good friend, instead of helping I was laughing like a hyena. He heaved his rod and the fish into the boat and being a good friend again I had my camera ready. I have pictures of him in his spider web holding the bass.

I continued fishing as Charlie was cutting his way out of the line. As my Booyah Spinnerbait came over a tree in the water I felt a thump and set the hook. I had my first bass of the day. We moved around here and there with no fish to show for it. Making a run to the outside bank at the mouth of Little Mineral I made my second cast with the Booyah Spinnerbait.

I had a hit, I set the hook and finally after a tussle I put a bass in the boat going 4.85 pounds. After the big smallmouth weigh-in fiasco a couple of weeks ago I got a new pair of scales that say a pound of bacon is a pound of bacon.

Charlie caught another bass. With only six bass in the boat and losing two to show for three hours of fishing, I opted to do what most people on Texoma now are doing. I saw gulls working and headed for them.

Using two-ounce slabs we caught stripers till they moved. I saw the gulls had moved a little away from us so we moved too. In 20-40 feet of water we caught eight more. It was a fun day: laughter and fish in the boat and smoke on the water — it doesn’t get much better.

One other oddity. Have any of you duck hunters ever seen a coal black mallard male duck? It had the green head with green wing splashes at the top of his wings. He had a normal colored mallard hen following him around. I had never seen one until Wednesday.

Unless there is an update before next Wednesday here is the agenda for Operation Welcome Home. Friday evening the troops should arrive around 7 p.m. If you would like to be in the greeting party I’d get to the lakeside VFW Post 7873 around 6:30; there is always a crowd and you might have to park in the pea patch if you come later.

They will be serving a good hamburger at a good price if you get hungry while waiting. They will cook for the troops when they arrive. You can sit at their tables if they have any empty chairs and talk with them during and after they are done eating or just stand and mingle with the troops.

It’s a great night complete with karaoke singers. If you have a patriotic bone in your body you will leave happy you came to see the defensive line that stands between us and our enemies. You can also talk to some of our older veterans whose numbers are declining every year. Have no doubt those still able to stand or sit will salute our flag.

Saturday morning after dining on breakfast burritos furnished by Vietnam Veterans Post 973, the troops will go fishing with the guides I mentioned in last week’s column. If there have been any more sign up since I last ran the list I’ll let you know. Once again a big thank you to the Texomaland people and business that have helped support this event for years.