LUBBOCK — The Sherman boys cross-country team placed 19th at the Class 5A Region I meet at Mae Simmons Park on Monday.

Jacob Charske led the Bearcats with a time of 16:46.58 and was 79th overall.

Simon Scheibmeir was 95th in 16:59.01, Armando Arredondo was 99th at 17:00.93, Eric Garcia-Quiroz was 126th in 17:16.42, Teynel Rodriguez placed 135th in a time of 17:24.39, Samuel Sanchez was 162nd in 17:59.19 and Julian Cantu was 165th in 18:06.77.

Denison's Wilson Kirkbride finished 127th at the Class 5A Region I cross-country meet with a time of 17:17.27

On the girls side, Denison's Aubyn Thompson finished 46th with a time of 19:28.46. Teammate Christina Hernandez finished 103rd in20:45.34

Sherman's Libby Ticknor was 84th with a time of 20:10.29.

Class 4A Region II

GRAND PRAIRIE — The Melissa boys won the Class 4A Region II team title to qualify for the state meet on November 4 in Round Rock.

Judson Greer was the region runner-up in 15:59.86, Jackson Scribner was sixth in 16:39.28, Blake Chaloupka placed 11th in 17:01.52, Lucas Tauch was 18th in 17:13.05, Frank Graham was 28th in 17:25.56, Carson Ross was 91st in 18:47.88 and Dain Miller was 132nd in 19:50.39.

The Cardinals had 62 points and won by 43 over runner-up Center.

Celina was ninth as a team. Zane Wharton led the Bobcats with a time of 17:33.21 and was 32nd. Cody Clark placed 34th in 17:36.75, Dylan Hussein was 51st in 18:03.65, Michael Patrinicola was 69th in 18:16.52, Cobey Weemes was 131st in 19:48.42, Landen Linberg was 141st in 20:10.55 and Tanner Zavadil was 143rd in 20:15.25.

Bonham's Tony Cruz was 36th in 17:40.92.

Anna's Jose Flores was 40th with a time of 17:45.79.

On the girls side, Celina's Hannah Thompson and Melissa's Alison Kocsis qualified for the state cross-country meet with top 15 performances.

Thompson was 10th in a time of 12:14.12 and Kocsis was 13th at 12:16.43 to reach state.

Anna just missed making it as a team with a fifth-place finish, 14 points behind the last qualifier, Kilgore.

Caroline Boykin led the Lady Coyotes with a time of 12:28.88, which was 10 seconds from qualifying as an individual, in 22nd place.

Celina's Ashlyn Vana was 68th with a time of 13:24.72.

Melissa was 12th as a team. After Kocsis, Sarah Weldeman was 29th in 12:45.28, Camille Bogdan was 90th at 13:52.04, Erin Eichel was 114th in 14:15.14, Kaitlynn Trussell placed 130th in 14:49.83, Fiona Trussell was 137th in 15:01.42 and Viktorya Dietrich was 177th in 17:17.75.

Class 3A Region II

GRAND PRAIRIE — The Pilot Point boys and girls teams, Whitesboro boys team, Van Alstyne girls team and individuals from Leonard and Van Alstyne qualified for the state cross country meet after performances at the Class 3A Region II meet.

The Pilot Point boys won the Region II team title and had three of the top four spots. Connor Walker won the individual title in 16:19.20, Adam Mendoza was third in 16:35.30, Adan Franco was fourth in 17:04.60, Juan Giron placed 17th in 17:40.33, Sergio Portillo was 20th in 17:58.02, Ethan Hite was 38th in 18:48.92 and Nate Brown was 42nd at 18:56.42.

The Whitesboro boys qualified with a third-place finish. Michael Urbina was the region runner-up in 16:19.86, Max Merlyn was seventh in 17:13.21, Preston Garrett was 19th in 17:47.57, Dustin White placed 28th in 18:20.82, Antonio Flores was 34th in 18:36.57, Hunter Case was 40th in 18:51.22 and Manuel Labrada was 54th in 19:22.54.

Van Alstyne's Bryce Sevarino qualified for state with a 14th-place finish in 17:34.46. The Panthers finished 10th as a team. Daniel Morris was 45th in 19:03.39, Marcus Cooper was 68th in 19:51.18, Jordan Caldwell was 97th in 20:50.13, Jordan Green placed 112th in 21:05.05, Jamie Gregory was 123rd in 21:26.44 and Andrew Tarlton was 143rd in 22:16.64.

Gunter placed 13th as a team. Logan Nelson led the way with a time of 18:56.35, Colt Rivera was 72nd in 19:58.81, David Denton placed 76th in 19:59.88, Zander Turner was 84th in 20:13.45, Gabe Wells was 134thin in 21:51.55, Alex Covington was 137th in 22:01.30 and Cobi Koonce was 156th in 23:55.98.

Leonard's Magnus MacHaud was 52nd with a time of 19:20.44.

On the girls side, Pilot Point was region runner-up with 91 points. Brisa Hernandez was fifth with a time of 12:24.54, Claire Thompson was 10th in 12:42.15, Montserrat Hernandez was 20th in 12:58.12, Leticia Ascencio was 29th at 13:11.94, Jessica Zackery was 35th in 13:17.07, Kassy Gann was 48th in 13:36.77 and Maddie Mascari was 57th in 13:51.31.

Van Alstyne placed fourth and was two points ahead of White Oak for the last state berth. Jenna Leinart was 12th in a time of 12:43.89, G'Daiya Hall was 16th in 12:54.84, Kate Carson was 30th in 13:13.80, Emma Morgan was 32nd in 13:15.53, Natalia Herrera was 74th in 14:11.26, Rachel Greve placed 125th in 15:17.95 and Faith Griffin was 132nd in 15:34.57

Leonard's Jessi Bennett and Audrey Shaw qualified for state as individuals. Bennett was sixth in 12:27.86 and Shaw was 18th at 12:56.44.

The Tigerettes were sixth as a team. Raven Foxx was 46th in 13:35.84, Maribel Stricklin was 55th in 13:46.59, Lexi Thern was 94th in 14:34.29, Bridget Watson was 126th in 15:18.69 and Yese Stricklin was 127th at 15:19.57.

S&S' Kaylee Russell was 22nd with a time of 13:01.41 and teammate Brandy Russell was 34th in 13:16.97.

Howe's Kristian Sutherlun was 25th with a time of 13:05.87

The Whitesboro Lady Bearcats placed ninth as a team. Kelli Cunningham led the way and placed 37th with a time of 13:19.61, Emma Pirkle was 47th in 13:36.68, Vanessa Melchor was 61st in 13:54.36, Kayla Davis was 80th in 14:21.67, Jacquelyn Maldonado was 99th in 14:37.63, Jaycee Murnan was 103rd in 14:39.97 and Abigail Velten was 119th in 15:03.26.

The Pottsboro Lady Cardinals finished 14th as a team. Kate Poe led with a time of 13:16.66 and was 33rd, Madi Dobbs was 85th in 14:26.33, Hadley Williams was 92nd in 14:32.86, Maddie Kusch was 100th in 14:37.71, Mai Harris was 101st in 14:38.10, Hailee Adams was 111th in 14:50.13 and Emma Copeland was 153rd in 16:27.54.

Callisburg's Michelle Tyler was 39th with a time of 13:25.74.

Class 2A Region II

GRAND PRAIRIE — Sam Rayburn's Kayleigh Brinlee and Riley Hall and Blue Ridge's Alex Branscome qualified for the state meet with her performance at the Class 2A Region II meet.

Hall was 10th with a time of 18:36.46 while Branscome was 11th in 18:37.21.

Blue Ridge placed sixth as a team. Armando Jurado was 27th in 19:14.27, Jared Stroman was 40th in 19:46.62, David Alas was 71st in 20:54.73, Utah Porath was 75th in 21:00, Armando Garcia was 105th in 22:52.72 and Jacob Duncan was 114th in 23:39.08.

Sam Rayburn finished ninth as a team. Tanner Hammett was 34th in 19:33.73, Weston Whiteside was 35th in 19:33.77, Danny Froese was 99th in 22:39.28 and Blake Bledsoe placed 103rd in 22:49.17.

The Trenton Tigers were 21st as a team. Deavion Price was 93rd in 22:11.00, Cristofer Bello was 106th in 22:58.95, Colten Purser was 122nd in 24:12.59, Kaiden West was 128th in 24:38.18, Kevin Kirkham was 136th in 25:28.57, Enrique Cervantes was 142nd in 26:59.06 and Tyler Gray placed 143rd in 27:03.62.

Honey Grove's Brandon Ramirez was 57th with a time of 20:26.08.

On the girls side, Brinlee earned the last qualifying spot with a time of 13:07.54 that was two seconds faster than her closest competition.

She helped lead Sam Rayburn to 12th in the team standings. Lexi Burkard was 43rd in 13:50.91, Natalie Nichols was 87th in 14:47.77, Maddie Braley was 90th in 14:51.11, Kate Kincade was 96th in 14:54.57, Reagan Gibbs placed 136th in 16:19.15 and Harley Chaffin was 152nd in 17:39.84.

The Trenton Lady Tigers placed 22nd as a team. Catherine Finley was 91st in 14:52.10, Bethany Nors was 127th in 15:43.76, Maddison Lavoie was 137th in 16:21.43, Justine Jones was 164th in 19:35.11 and Maddison Altrich was 168th in 20:22.09.

Honey Grove's Amelia Butler was 72nd with a time of 14:27.82. Teammate Alexandra Morrison was 125th at 15:39.08.

Blue Ridge's Ellery Martin placed 104th with a time of 15:07.64.

Class 1A Region III

GRAND PRAIRIE — Tioga's Justin Rodriguez qualified for the state meet with sixth-place finish in a time of 17:48.38 at the Class 1A Region III meet.

Teammate Kaleb Scott placed 37th with a time of 19:39.52. Ethan Staples was 49th in 19:52.68 and Brandon Wheeler was 58th in 20:28.42.

Savoy placed 13th as a team. Bobby Marshall was 53rd in 20:05.61, Trynton Burgess was 72nd in 21:06.61, Hunter Carrasco was 79th in 21:25.72, Colby Burgess was 86th in 22:08.89, Patrik McCauley placed 105th in 23:01.50 and Branson Sanders was 136th in 27:12.27.

On the girls side, Ector's Riley Evans was 27th with a time of 13:58.51.

Savoy's Lauren Cooper was 61st in 15:03.32 and teammate Haylee Wheeler was 129th in 18:37.79.

Tioga placed fifth as a team and missed qualifying for state by five points. Isabel Pena was 33rd in 14:06.81, Morgen Klohn was 34th in 14:08.03, Paityn Glaze was 57th in 14:57.61, Jennifer Rodriguez was 60th in 15:02.08, Yahaira Rodriguez placed 67th in 15:20.86, Jerri Davis was 79th in 15:37.25 and Baylee Glaze was 81st in 15:40.90.