First off, I want to bring you up to speed on the 2017 Operation Welcome Home Military fishing trip.

Jerry Dorsey, head wrangler of this event, says there could be as many as 100 of our service people here for the event. The big jump in attendance is due to the fact that, for the first time, we will be having troops from Fort Irwin in California and Fort Polk in Louisiana, along with our regulars from Fort Hood in Texas, Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma, and Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas. Jerry says he still needs boats and donations are still needed to help defray the cost.

As of today the plan is as follows: Nov 3 at 7 p.m. the troops arrive at Lakeside VFW Post 7873. Lines will be formed for them to come through and be greeted by attendees. Hamburgers will be available for attendees. They make a great hamburger for a reasonable price, but the troops eat free.

After eating, the troops will be assigned to boats for the fishing trip. It’s a great event where anyone wanting to thank our service people or just talk with them after eating, or interact with them while listing to the karaoke singers — some of these people can really sing. It’s a fun night for both you and them.

Nov 4: Breakfast will be served by Vietnam Veterans Post 973 to the troops and their guides, and boats leave at 7 a.m. and be back in by 11 a.m. After weigh-in, a BBQ dinner will be served at the Georgetown Baptist Church. This will be for the boat captains, troops and anyone actively working with this event. Supper will be at Elks Lodge 238 at 7 p.m. The troops leave the next day.

To everyone who has donated or furnished a boat so far a big thank you. If you would like to make a donation or furnish a boat call Jerry at 903-786-3981. I’ll have a list of guides and people furnishing the boats, plus the places providing lodging and major food donors in the next two weeks.

Last Thursday myself and Mike Daugherty went fishing. Both of us were members of the old Texoma Bass Club. It was the first time in about three months that I decided to go on the Highport side. I was fishing for those ABC bass, “already been caught multiple times” fish.

We started on the Tanglewood bank. I missed a good fish on a Buzz Bait. Mike was fishing a Norman Middle N. He caught one as we moved on down we caught fish on several different lures including a Booyah Spinnerbait.

Fishing was slow but steady as we worked in and out of the new slip placement. I was using different baits as we went. Mike was pretty much staying with his Norman Middle N. He got in more casts than I did as I was changing baits regularly.

Working our way out of Highport on the big rocky point Mike says, “I got one.” It had his rod bowed pretty good, and as he continued to play the fish we both decided it was a striper as it just stayed down and pulled.

Surprise: when we finally saw it in the semi-clear water it was the biggest smallmouth I have seen in a long time. I immediately dived into my junk box to get a net.

We got the fish in the boat, it only had one hook barb in its mouth. This thing was a monster. I got out my scales, of course they had a dead battery. Putting the big fish in the live well we kept fishing catching and missing fish.

Finally we saw a bass boat with only one person in it and he had a scale he loaned us to use. The big fish went 6.85 pounds on his scales. I think they were a little off because I’m sure the fish went seven or better. We released the fish. Mike called TP&W and they said the record on the Texas side for a smallmouth was seven pounds, two ounces. In Oklahoma it’s seven pounds, four ounces. I think Mike’s fish might have made a run at the Texas Texoma record.

One day earlier my son-in-law John Blasingame, guide and owner of Adventure Texoma Outdoors, had a client catch a smallmouth on an A Rig that rang the seven-pound bell too. We had a great day on Texoma. Fall fishing is going to be excellent.

I’m a little late with this report but the new Texoma Bass Club held their Two-State Bass Tournament three weeks ago. I finally got the results. Winning with 17.20 pounds was JC Thompson and Josh Hartin, second was Vacon and Tremblay with 16.23 pounds, third was Brady and Henderson at 16.01 pounds, fourth was Jackson and Griffitt at 15.38 pounds and fifth was Hutchins and Dudenhoffer with 14.63 pounds. Big bass went to Mark Robinson and son at 5.32 pounds.

The Little Dixie Bass Classic is coming up next weekend, Oct. 21-22, at Catfish Bay.