Roundup a team of 10 or 15 and get ready for some fun at the Stephenville High School Honeybee softball team’s kickball tournament taking place about 9 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 14, at McCleskey Field.

Proceeds benefit the team’s trip to Disney World in February and cost is $10 per player.

“Hopefully we’ll get people to show up and we’re looking for sponsors so if anyone is willing to help out that would be amazing,” said Honeybees softball head coach Russell Mayes. “We’re hoping to run two divisions — a younger junior high and below division and then a high school and above.”

Mayes is looking forward to the event and said you don’t have to be a great team to continue playing all day.

“There will be an option for a free agent buy-in, so once your team is eliminated from the tournament if another team wants to pick you up they can pick you up for another $10. It’s just another way of fundraising.”

The softball team has been doing other things to raise funds as well for their big trip like selling Dippin’ Dots at football games and tournaments at the park, iPad stickers, a raffle at the rodeo and a garage sale coming up.

“We’re constantly doing something,” Mayes said. “We’re getting there, but it’s going to cost about $26,000 to go. That’s everything.”

Mayes said the trip is a reward for the softball program.

“We’ve had some success here in the last couple of years and the group that’s here has been a big part of that,” Mayes said. “Volleyball has been doing it for a couple years now and it’s a great experience. It’s a life trip just as much as it is a softball trip.”

The girls will play softball games while on the trip against teams from all over the U.S.

“It’s a good time. We’ll just go out there and play three or four games,” Mayes said. “They take into account your enrollment size and records the last three years and try to match you up against people that are at the same level.”

The registration deadline is Oct. 7.

Those who want to register or become a sponsor can email Mayes at or coach Michael Fowler at

Please include your team name, number of players and age division.