Monday it was pretty nice so I decided to go do some fish habitat enhancement. There are plenty of dead trees washed up on the banks after the floods so getting the makings for a brush pile is easy.

Some cement blocks, bailing wire and a small bow saw are all you need. There is one big no-no in brush piling — don’t cut anything down on the bank that is living, green or with leaves on it. You can wind up buying a tree you have no use for. There are plenty of dead trees on the banks to use.

The rules for brush piling are pretty simple. Don’t put them in shallow water where a falling lake level could prevent a boat or people from going down a bank. The water should be 10 feet or deeper where your pile is located. Now is the time to bait out boathouses if you have one.

Crappie will be moving shallow before long and a good brush pile will make them stop. The reason I mention making crappie houses is because Bobby Platt’s Big Mineral Crappie Gig is coming up in March. More on it later.

I have had my eye on a dry dead cedar or two I’ve been wanting to sink. Monday I went out put my boat on the bank and cut the top out of one. I let my eye overload my boat — it took all of my back deck around my boat motor and one end was sitting next to me in my other seat.

I was in among a dock and boathouse with a walkway. Things were not going good as I looked like a one man three-ring circus. I started backing off the bank and had to give it more gas than usual — the wind was also blowing. The boat came loose and was going back at a pretty good clip. I turned the steering wheel or I tried too.

The forks of the tree top I cut out were on either side of my motor so I couldn’t turn it. I could see disaster in a dock coming so I slammed it into forward but things didn’t get any better. There was a boathouse in front of me. I put her in reverse, the wind was blowing and I was a-going.

I put it in neutral, jumped up, started for the trolling motor, looked around, and I was going to sideswipe an iron angle float holder. I forgot the trolling motor, ran as far back as I could, remember the tree and had a front row seat as I got three ouchies from the iron down the side of my boat.

All the time this was going on I was hollering “whoa, boats don’t got brakes.” I got that pile set and went after another one but it was a lot smaller and also placed it.

I guess the bass heard I had gone striper fishing and got mad at me. I had been having pretty good luck for the preceding weeks. Fishing was fair on every trip I went out. Saturday I had to work to catch two nice bass out of some boat stalls.

I lost some baits as boat stalls are full of things to hang up on. Tuesday morning I went again. I only had one bite and I think it might have been a catfish as it just slowly moved off and popped my line.

That brings us up to Wednesday as I’m writing this. Talking to other fishermen on the lake the last few days they are also having a hard time finding any bass. Striper guides fishing with the A rigs are coming in with fish. Still marking lots of bait in the lake but the marinas seem to have more of it now.

Gulls aren’t helping much because when you see them working and get close they are bombing loons. Hope next week brings better fishing. If not I might have to re-live more of my growing up with my readers.