Editor’s note: Southeastern Oklahoma State senior wide receiver Kaymon Farmer was one of two dozen football players across all three NCAA Divisions and NAIA selected for the 2016 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team and recognized for their work in the community in addition to their efforts on the field. They were honored at the Sugar Bowl earlier this month.

This honor was bestowed on NCAA football players who got the most out of the platform God placed them on. No matter if they were from the University of Georgia or the great Southeastern Oklahoma State University, each player had proven themselves and made the most of given opportunities. We’d shown a commitment to our teams by excelling on the field, in the classroom, and helping to serve others in the community.

The realism of being showcased on a team that once included Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, Peyton Manning and other greats meant a lot to me and my support system.

Once I met other members of the 2016 Allstate Good Works Team, instantly I knew I was among an elite group of young men. The members throughout the team were in a lane of their own and really embraced their unique stories in a positive way.

There’s no doubt everyone wants and will become the best versions of themselves. They have the keys to gain the most out of life and they’re going to use them.

To be surrounded by so many like-minded men was an experience I’ll never forget. Through the team interactions there was an energy that became contagious. The combined energy I felt while around them made me feel we’re capable of changing a great number of lives throughout the world. The camaraderie formed between us was inspiring. Most of us are aware of the production we can bring by connecting together.

Throughout the week I heard many stories that touched me. Below are a few of my favorites:

Brett Kasper; Quarterback from Wisconsin Oshkosh, 2016 Team Captain; Be The Match donor selflessly donated bone marrow to save a 10-year-old girl’s life.

Makani Kema Kaleiwahea; Linebacker from University of Hawaii and his wife Brianna: became adopted parents at age 18 while being a student-athlete.

Caylin Moore; former TCU teammate of my cousin Emmanuel Porter: used football to escape his rough neighborhood of Compton and became a Rhodes Scholar.

That’s just a few of the stories from those who embraced their hardship to help save someone’s life.

I’m a firm believer of how testimonies saves others lives by displaying an individuals purpose, vision, and their faith. Many players beat the odds while showing boldness and leadership. I salute all these players and anyone who’s allowing God to use his power through them to encourage someone else to be the best version of themselves.

The itinerary was full during the time in New Orleans. We were involved in the Allstate Sugar Bowl, NYE Parade, Gala Ball, Allstate Brunches, Football Camp, Shrimp Boil, Pre-Game Party and the Roosevelt Hotel. There were life-changing experiences that occurred in those events.

This whole experience taught me more about bringing true value to others lives. The best model of true value I want to set is to have a compassionate heart, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience towards others. I pray God reveals to me how he wants me to apply it to my life.

I gained wisdom, clarity of my purpose, energy, confidence, support, peace, motivation, respect and a new family. I definitely grew as a man. I enjoyed seeing Edith, my fiance, with a smile on her face, out her comfort zone and growing likewise. Overall, I’m excited about where our lives are headed together as God uses us as one.

I would like to humbly thank The Lord, Allstate, the 2016 Good Works Team, AFCA, my family, coaches, my hometown of Pittsburg, Texas, Southeastern Oklahoma University, Durant and the rest of my support system for believing in me. I promise to strive for the best version of myself everyday. Much love!

To the readers, there will be adversity but no matter what’s your current reality, you can obtain more.