(Note: All games begin at 7:30 p.m. Friday.)

(Note: All games begin at 7:30 p.m. Friday.)

Sherman at Wylie

What: District 13-4A

Where: Wylie Stadium

Records: Sherman 3-5, 2-3; Wylie 4-4, 3-2

Radio: KMAD 102.5 FM

Series: Sherman leads 4-1

Last year: Sherman won 45-35

Last week: Sherman lost to Lovejoy 35-21; Wylie lost to Denison 35-27

Players to watch: Sherman: RB Tre’ Mask, WR/DB Ja’Quay Pough; Wylie: QB Carsen Cook, WR Kameron Kelly

Playoff outlook: The easiest path for Sherman is to beat Wylie by 6 or more points and have Wylie East beat McKinney North, which means the Bearcats would clinch with another win next week. Wylie can clinch a berth with 2 more wins.

Denison at Greenville

What: District 13-4A

Where: T.A. "Cotton" Ford Stadium

Records: Denison 5-3, 4-1; Greenville 0-8, 0-5

Radio: KMKT 93.1 FM; KGVL 1400 AM

Series: Denison leads 33-22-2

Last year: Denison won 28-16

Last week: Denison beat Wylie 35-27; Greenville lost to McKinney North 45-7

Players to watch: Denison: QB Devon Blanton, RB Colton Henslee; Greenville: RB Tyler Matthews, WR Spencer Gilbert II

Playoff outlook: Denison can clinch a berth with a win and can lock up the top Division II seed with 2 more wins or a win and a Wylie East loss. Greenville has been eliminated from playoff consideration.

Wylie East at McKinney North

What: District 13-4A

Where: Ron Poe Stadium

Records: Wylie East 5-3, 4-1; McKinney North 4-4, 3-2

Radio: KFCD 990 AM; KLAK 97.5 FM

Series: Wylie East leads 2-1

Last year: Wylie East won 50-26

Last week: Wylie East beat Royse City 53-14; McKinney North beat Greenville 45-7

Players to watch: Wylie East: QB Garrett McCain, WR Jared Wyatt; McKinney North: RB Ronald Jones, WR Tre Sanders

Playoff outlook: Wylie East can clinch a berth with one win in its final 2 games. McKinney North is in for certain by winning its final 2 games.

Royse City at Lovejoy

What: District 13-4A

Where: Leopard Stadium

Records: Royse City 1-7, 1-4; Lovejoy 5-3, 3-2

Radio: www.sportsgram.net; www.tsrnsports.com

Series: Lovejoy leads 1-0

Last year: Lovejoy won 49-28

Last week: Royse City lost to Wylie East 53-14; Lovejoy beat Sherman 35-21

Players to watch: Royse City: RB Alex Ramsey, WR Jake Glisch; Lovejoy: RB Dan Sefcik, WR Chochy Luce

Playoff outlook: Royse City has been eliminated from playoff consideration. Lovejoy can guarantee a berth by winning its final 2 games.

Gainesville at Krum

What: District 9-3A

Where: Bobcat Stadium

Records: Gainesville 7-0, 2-0; Krum 3-6, 1-2

Radio: KGAF 1580 AM

Series: Gainesville leads 1-0

Last year: Gainesville won 20-19

Last week: Gainesville was idle; Krum lost to Sanger 35-0

Players to watch: Gainesville: RB Adam Berryman, QB Mason Copeland; Krum: RB Ian Concepcion, RB Brennan Ellis

Playoff outlook: Gainesville can clinch both a playoff berth and the No. 1 seed with a win Friday. Krum can clinch a berth with either a win or a Bridgeport loss to Sanger.

Community at Bonham

What: District 12-3A

Where: Warrior Stadium

Records: Community 2-6, 0-2; Bonham 3-6, 1-2

Radio: KFYN 1420 AM; www.kfyn1420.com

Series: Bonham leads 6-3

Last year: Bonham won 68-38

Last week: Community was idle; Bonham lost to Melissa 57-20

Players to watch: Community: QB Jordan Graham, RB/DB Collin Croft; Bonham: QB/DB Dra Smith, WR Greg Moses

Playoff outlook: The winner of this game will clinch a Division II berth based on head-to-head, as long as Princeton beats Melissa.

Melissa at Princeton

What: District 12-3A

Where: Jackie Hendricks Stadium

Records: Melissa 7-1, 2-0; Princeton 7-1, 1-1

Radio: mcn.melissaisd.org

Series: Melissa leads 1-0

Last year: Melissa won 34-21

Last week: Princeton lost to Anna 42-28; Melissa beat Bonham 57-20

Players to watch: Melissa: QB Taylor McGehee, RB Marcus Ellis; Princeton: WR Jakari Dillard, QB Jourdan Blake

Playoff outlook: Melissa has locked up the No. 1 Division II berth. Princeton can clinch a Division I spot with a win.

Whitesboro at Callisburg

What: District 5-2A (I)

Where: Wildcat Stadium

Records: Whitesboro 7-1, 4-0; Callisburg 6-2, 2-2

Radio: KPFC 89.1/91.9 FM

Series: Whitesboro leads 8-3

Last year: Callisburg won 44-38 (2OT)

Last week: Whitesboro beat Pilot Point 37-10; Callisburg beat Paradise 35-14

Players to watch: Whitesboro: RB/DB Collin Kilcrease, FL/DB Cody Ford; Callisburg: QB Rheyce Childress, RB/LB Jake Parker

Playoff outlook: Whitesboro has clinched a berth and can lock up the top seed with 2 more wins. Callisburg can clinch a berth with a win Friday coupled with a Bowie loss to Pilot Point.

Bowie at Pilot Point

What: District 5-2A (I)

Where: Massey Stadium

Records: Bowie 3-5, 1-3; Pilot Point 6-3, 4-1

Series: Tied 2-2

Last year: Pilot Point won 31-17

Last week: Bowie was idle; Pilot Point lost to Whitesboro 37-10

Players to watch: Bowie: WR Jay Ward, RB Devon Gray; Pilot Point: WR/DB DaCoven Bailey, QB Travis Garrett

Playoff outlook: Pilot Point has already clinched a berth. Bowie would be eliminated with a loss or a Callisburg win.

Sunnyvale at Pottsboro

What: District 6-2A (I)

Where: Jim Henderson Memorial Stadium

Records: Sunnyvale 6-2, 2-2; Pottsboro 8-1, 5-0

Radio: KZRC 96.1 FM

Series: Pottsboro leads 1-0

Last year: Pottsboro won 51-7

Last week: Sunnyvale was idle; Pottsboro beat Van Alstyne 23-21

Players to watch: Sunnyvale: QB Ryan Cottingame, WR Josh Quinn; Pottsboro: WR Kory Waller, RB Thaddeus Flinn

Playoff outlook: Sunnyvale can clinch a berth with a win. Pottsboro has already clinched the No. 1 seed and can wrap up an undefeated district title with a win.

Van Alstyne at Howe

What: District 6-2A (I)

Where: Bulldog Stadium

Records: Van Alstyne 4-4, 2-2; Howe 3-5, 1-3

Series: Van Alstyne leads 33-17-1

Last year: Van Alstyne won 42-15

Last week: Van Alstyne lost to Pottsboro 23-21; Howe beat Commerce 26-6

Players to watch: Van Alstyne: QB Alex Phillips, OL/DL Connor Mayes; Howe: RB Anthony Hawthorne, WR Randle Nix

Playoff outlook: Van Alstyne can clinch a berth with a win. Howe would be eliminated with a loss but would move into a tie for the fourth and final seed with a win.

Gunter at S&S

What: District 7-2A (II)

Where: Ram Stadium

Records: Gunter 7-1, 3-0; S&S 8-0, 3-0

Series: Gunter leads 15-8

Last year: Gunter won 49-34

Last week: Gunter beat Leonard 19-11; S&S beat Bells 56-14

Players to watch: Gunter: RB/DB Garrett Hunter, WR Rhett Taylor; S&S: RB/LB Willie Winborne, FL/DB Trenton Nolan

Playoff outlook: Both teams have clinched berths. The winner of this game will be well on its way to sewing up the No. 1 seed. Gunter would clinch the top seed with a win, while S&S would need to beat both Gunter and Leonard.

Leonard at Tom Bean

What: District 7-2A (II)

Where: Tomcat Stadium

Records: Leonard 6-2, 2-1; Tom Bean 3-5, 0-3

Radio: www.kfyn1420.com

Series: Leonard leads 12-9-1

Last year: Leonard won 48-21

Last week: Leonard lost to Gunter 19-11; Tom Bean lost to Whitewright 27-20

Players to watch: Leonard: RB Solomon Titus, QB/DB Justin Bennett; Tom Bean: QB Hunter Book, RB Devyn Jackson

Playoff outlook: Leonard can clinch a berth with a win. Tom Bean needs a win or a Whitewright loss to Bells to stay alive.

Bells at Whitewright

What: District 7-2A (II)

Where: Tiger Stadium

Records: Bells 1-7, 0-3; Whitewright 1-7, 1-2

Series: Whitewright leads 42-13-1

Last year: Whitewright won 33-6

Last week: Bells lost to S&S 56-14; Whitewright beat Tom Bean 27-20

Players to watch: Bells: QB Noah Straw, WR/DB Chris Hall; Whitewright: QB Jefferson Ballard, WR Austin Powell

Playoff outlook: Both teams control their playoff destiny. Bells can clinch the No. 4 seed by beating Whitewright and Tom Bean. Whitewright can clinch a week early with a win Friday.

Collinsville at Lindsay

What: District 7-A (I)

Where: Henry B. Schroeder Knight Stadium

Records: Collinsville 6-2, 3-0; Lindsay 3-5, 3-0

Series: Lindsay leads 25-15

Last year: Lindsay won 47-0

Last week: Collinsville beat Chico 53-7; Lindsay beat Valley View 27-6

Players to watch: Collinsville: RB/DB John Lewis, QB/DB Connor Daley; Lindsay: RB/LB Elijah Walker, QB John Haverkamp

Playoff outlook: The winner of this game will have the upper hand to earn a No. 1 seed and first-round bye. Collinsville has already clinched a berth. Lindsay can clinch the top seed with a win Friday but only needs a Blue Ridge loss to lock up a playoff spot of any sort.

Trenton at Valley View

What: District 7-A (I)

Where: John Kassen Stadium

Records: Trenton 0-8, 0-3; Valley View 3-5, 2-1

Series: Valley View leads 1-0

Last year: Valley View won 35-0

Last week: Trenton lost to Blue Ridge 29-8; Valley View lost to Lindsay 27-6

Players to watch: Trenton: WR Kyle Wylie, QB Kever Wylie; Valley View: RB/DB Landon Boaz, QB/DB Ethan McCollum

Playoff outlook: Trenton must win Friday to stay alive for a possible tie for third place. Valley View can clinch with a win.

Blue Ridge at Chico

What: District 7-A (I)

Where: Dragon Field

Records: Blue Ridge 2-6, 1-2; Chico 4-4, 0-3

Series: Chico leads 1-0

Last year: Chico won 40-14

Last week: Blue Ridge beat Trenton 29-8; Chico lost to Collinsville 53-7

Players to watch: Blue Ridge: QB Ty Agan, WR Brevin Wiggins; Chico: WR Matt Carter, LB Darrion Riggs

Playoff outlook: Blue Ridge must win twice and Valley View must lose twice for the Tigers to earn a berth. Chico has been eliminated from playoff consideration.

Boles at Wolfe City

What: District 8-A (I)

Where: Don Howard Stadium

Records: Boles 7-1, 1-1; Wolfe City 5-4, 2-1

Series: Boles leads 6-5

Last year: Wolfe City won 42-27

Last week: Boles was idle; Wolfe City lost to Simms Bowie 60-32

Players to watch: Boles: RB/DB Devan Harris, RB/DB Ross Bostick; Wolfe City: QB Brandon Fisk, RB Justin Wilkinson

Playoff outlook: Boles needs either 2 more wins or a win and a Simms Bowie loss to clinch a berth. Wolfe City would clinch the No. 1 seed with a win.

Simms Bowie at Honey Grove

What: District 8-A (I)

Where: Warrior Stadium

Records: Simms Bowie 4-4, 1-1; Honey Grove 2-6, 0-2

Series: Honey Grove leads 4-1

Last year: Honey Grove won 31-22

Last week: Simms Bowie beat Wolfe City 60-32; Honey Grove lost to Celeste 27-7

Players to watch: Simms Bowie: RB/LB Cody Adams, QB Colton May; Honey Grove: QB/DB Jeremy Patt, RB Ross McElroy

Playoff outlook: Simms Bowie needs 2 more wins to clinch a berth. Honey Grove would be eliminated with a loss.

Savoy at Saint Jo

What: District 12-6M (I)

Where: Harley Sewell Field

Records: Savoy 4-3, 0-0; Saint Jo 4-4, 1-0

Series: Saint Jo leads 6-4-1

Last year: Savoy won 50-26

Last week: Savoy beat Tioga 43-6; Saint Jo beat Irving Universal 67-19

Players to watch: Savoy: QB Chase Lowery, RB Adam Musser; Saint Jo: RB Laramie Brawner, QB Shawn Cannon

Playoff outlook: This game is very likely to determine the district champion and top seed. Saint Jo would clinch the title with a win, while Savoy needs 2 wins to clinch.

Leverett’s Chapel at Fannindel

What: District 15-6M (I)

Where: Bishop Field

Records: Leverett’s Chapel 7-1, 1-1; Fannindel 9-0, 3-0

Series: Leverett’s Chapel leads 4-1

Last year: Leverett’s Chapel won 60-14

Last week: Leverett’s Chapel beat Longview Trinity 74-36; Fannindel beat Fruitvale 66-58

Players to watch: Leverett’s Chapel: WR Dilyn Cooley, WR Paco Chavez; Fannindel: RB Stephen Lock, WR/DB Quincy Cuba

Playoff outlook: Fannindel can clinch the No. 1 seed with a win. Leverett’s Chapel would be eliminated with a loss coupled with a Fruitvale win over Campbell.