Bonham Police

Bonham Police

Drugs – Police conducted a routine traffic stop Oct. 24 at the 800 Block of West Russell Avenue because of obstructed/illegible license plate on a vehicle, according to Bonham police reports. The police obtained the license of the car’s driver and ran its number through the Bonham PD dispatch. This showed that the license had been suspended. The driver was arrested for driving while license invalid. He requested the vehicle be released in lieu of impound. The officers then made contact with the front seat passenger, obtained his driver’s license and ran his name through dispatch. Officers were advised that he had an active warrant with the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office. The front passenger was arrested for the warrant. Officers asked consent to search the vehicle, and the driver gave consent. Police asked the back seat passenger to step out of the vehicle so they could conduct the search. In the back seat officers saw a large amount of marijuana residue and what appeared to be a small marijuana cigarette. Officers asked the back seat passenger to remove his shoes. In his shoe was a small plastic baggie containing a substance believed to be marijuana. Officers arrested the back seat passenger for possession of marijuana under 2 oz.

Theft – Police received a call for service about a theft on Oct. 28. Officers arrived at the 400 Block of Katy Boulevard, and the victim told them he was missing a tool. The victim said he originally thought he may have misplaced the tool but now believes it was stolen. The investigation is continuing, Bonham Police said.

Sherman Police

Burglary – On Oct. 30 police responded to a residential burglary in the 1300 block of East Jones Street. While the resident was out of town, an unknown suspect entered the residence and stole several electronic items, jewelry and purses. Police generated a report for burglary of a habitation and the case is under investigation.

Drugs – Police responded to a call reporting found narcotics at a residential complex in the 3000 block of Northridge. Police arrived and learned that a baggie containing less than 1 gram of illegal narcotics was found after a tenant had vacated an apartment. The baggie was seized and an offense report was completed.

Assault – Between midnight and 12:30 a.m. on Oct. 27, an adult was assaulted by two individuals at a home in the 2300 block of North Doris Street. The victim was punched many times in his face and sustained a broken bone in his face.

Theft – On Oct. 31 police were called to a store at 401 East U.S. Highway 82 to respond to a theft. Employees told police they had seen a man putting items into grocery bags and then attempting to leave the store without paying. Employees stopped the man and recovered over $100 worth of items. Police arrested the man for theft of property over $50.