By Jonathan Cannon

By Jonathan Cannon

Herald Democrat

The Internet is full of lists — "10 ways to bust a cold;" "25 most adorable kids’ Halloween costumes;" "11 hidden messages in company logos." Do you want to know the reason for them? They’re easy to produce quickly; can be divided into a number of pages with each one carrying a different ad; and people read them. (The one about the costumes got me with a picture of little girl dressed like a troll doll, complete with purple hair sticking straight up.)

One of the more interesting such lists I’ve seen lately is "25 movies from the ’80s that every kids should see." I won’t go through all the movies, but I will share a few.

The list leads off with the Steven Spielberg classic, "E.T.", which published this particular list, notes: "Any kid with a heart will cry buckets the first time they see this, but it’s worth it." My own edit would read: "Any adult with a heart will cry buckets every time they see this."

The next film on the list that caught my eye is "An American Tail." Yes, Spielberg was the executive producer of this one. What’s not to love about a cartoon telling the story of the American dream through the eyes of a mouse? Or, as the list puts it, "Adorable mice singing heartbreaking songs? OK!"

"The Prince Bride" also makes this list, and I would be in trouble with my wife … um, remiss, if I didn’t mention it. This one made the list because it is so quotable.


"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." (In a search for the right quote to go here, I found a list of top 25 quotes from this movie, proving both my points.)

No big surprises, but "The Breakfast Club" makes the list too. This one is obviously not for the same audience as the above films.

There are several other movies worth mentioning on this list, such as "Lean on Me" — talk about touching — and "Say Anything" — boombox anyone? – but I’m quickly running out of space and need to mention "Goonies." Wait, Spielberg was the executive producer of this one too? No wonder I’m so drawn to his movies today, he shaped my childhood entertainment.

Happy birthday Tuesday to Teresa Redd Davis of Denison; Enoch Johnson, Diane Wilson, J’ Sharia Carter, Maggie Lee Carrington, Billy McKee Sr. and twins Larry Bell and Kerry Bell, all of Sherman; Becky Adams of Bullard, Texas; Suzanne Young Welch of Plano; Ronald Lynn Dawson of Dallas; Keith Hughes of Gordonville; Cortney Hunkspillar of Corpus Christi; Emma Norris of Pottsboro; Ricky Smith of Colbert, Okla.; Jack White of Asheville, N.C.; Mike Carter of Fort Worth.

Happy anniversary to Donald and Martha Schmidt of Denison, 70 years