Sorry to my readers for no story last week. I let greed get the best of me and had an opportunity to make some money and the Scot-Irish in me likes the color green.

Sorry to my readers for no story last week. I let greed get the best of me and had an opportunity to make some money and the Scot-Irish in me likes the color green.

My painting ability on boat docks got me a couple of jobs week before last and last week so I hadn’t been fishing and had nothing to report.

This week I got out Tuesday and am planning on going again.

The government might be shut down but the Army COE on Texoma is checking boat docks for rust and fading or chipping paint plus electrical. They are sending letters to owners who need to get these things done generally in 60 days for a re-inspection. So they helped in a way for me to get these jobs.

Where the rocking and rolling comes in is when you get a dock with a second floor. Long story short I was on the second floor standing on a piece of iron just past my toes hanging on with one hand and painting with the other.

For you readers who have never been on a small boat dock. They react to waves, boat wakes and wind a little different. Those built on the water, like most, rock a little but it’s not that bad generally. Climb up 20 foot and those same waves triple in the roll and sway.

There is a difference: wakes from cruisers, striper guides and jet skis going in and out of the cove wide open; there aren’t any "no wake" buoys until you get to the very back. All this created some exciting times.

Loafing over the weekend and touching up one of the docks in a few places I missed Monday saw me haul some wood and get my boat ready.

I was on the water early Tuesday. After reading my logs from past trips, I found some when the water level was close to now. The temperature and clarity was about the same and lucky me the wind was right, blowing into the bank about the same speed as in the past.

This is only a suggestion but you younger fishermen, if you haven’t already, start keeping a log of each trip. Put it in as soon as possible after getting off the water so you don’t forget something.

Keep it simple as Joe Friday of Dragnet used to say — just the facts ma’am. Date, conditions, lake level, wind, lures, retrieve speeds and structure. After you get your logs going, it lets you go back and see what worked or didn’t work on that time in the past. It gives you a head start.

The only difference Tuesday was I had a Blue Bird Day. Running to my spot, I picked up a rod with a Booyah Buzz bait tied on. After 15 or so casts with no action, I was just going to go to another bait when the commode flushed.

After a fun battle, I had a six or seven-pound striper in the boat. Before I finished up my pass, I had several more of varying sizes. Well like I said if they find me, I’ll fish for them.

I turned around and retraced my track not much happened until once again there was a flush. I set the hook half-heartily. A brown rocket came out of the water, my blood was pumping and I got serious about getting this one in the boat. It was a nice smallmouth. Not long afterward, I got another in the same size range, then before getting back to my starting place I had two more small brown fish and some of those pesky stripers.

Going on my notes from the past, I went to another spot. I switched to a YUM Money Minnow swim bait. In one little stretch I thought I was hitting bottom so I didn’t jerk three more casts and I got the same feeling on each one of them.

Finally, I set the hook and had a big Kentucky on. That made three keepers. I was still getting those funny hits but now I was jerking and losing tails off my baits. Finally I got another bite set the hook and had a better than average largemouth. After catching more sliver fish and a small brownie the spot died. I got off the lake around noon. What started as a slow day turned into a lot of fun.

I had a friend of a friend ask him to ask me why I didn’t write more about striper fishing. Well I don’t intentionally fish for them except off the bank now and then with a cork and streamer so I wouldn’t be a lot of help.

When I write about catching them they found me because I wasn’t looking for them. The best advice I can give you readers wanting more Striper stories and fishing tips try six Old Geezers website. They have interesting information, funny stories and a lot of interaction on it. Most of the guides and fishermen also display their catches with pictures of graphs and what they look like when you get over a school of the silver fish.

This weekend is seeing a couples regional Bass Championship out of Highport Marina. Next weekend will see the FLW Wal-Mart BFL Tournament out of Highport. Texoma Bass Club is also having their October Tournament this weekend.

The weather has been perfect for any outdoor activity lately. I’m expecting and hoping for a cold bad winter so I have been cutting and hauling firewood Monday and Wednesday.

My gasoline Beaver quit on me so I’m waiting to get it out of the shop. Enjoy this weather get on the water or just outside while it lasts.

Parting note I’m seeing deer, bobcats, turkeys and lots of doves driving around on back roads out here. No bucks, hunters, but several does.