A Denison eatery finally received word it could open again this week following a number of failed inspections by the Grayson County Health Department.

A Denison eatery finally received word it could open again this week following a number of failed inspections by the Grayson County Health Department.

Las Brisas, on North Austin Avenue in Denison, received a failing grade on an inspection on Sept. 30.

The Grayson County Health Department rates restaurants and other establishments that serve food based on their adherence to codes set by the Texas Department of Health. Restaurants are given an "A," "B," "C" or "F" score. An "A" means sanitarians reported no or only a few minor violations. Those with a "B" were found to have several minor violations, but nothing major. Restaurants with a "C" might have a major violation or repeat offenses, but in the inspectors’ opinions, nothing bad enough to warrant a "F."

On Sept. 30, Las Brisas received an "F". Notes from that inspection show that, "On the top portion of the reach in prep cooler the meats (chicken, beef fajitas) were detected at a temperature of 52 (degrees).The manager had stated at the time of the inspection that they partially cook chicken/beef fajita meat and when it’s time to use it they take the meat and fully cook it then. He also stated that after the meat is taken off the grill, they put it directly into the reach in prep cooler. This was causing the temperature of the whole unit to rise."

The report included a long list of items that were found to be at the wrong temperatures, including sour cream, ground pork and ground beef. The report also indicated that a number of items in the kitchen were heavily soiled including the can opener, the microwave and the three compartment sink. The toilet in the men’s room was also found to be leaking.

The inspection noted that the establishment had also received an "F" on inspections conducted on July 25, and on Aug. 26.

The report said due to those three failing grades, "The Grayson County Health Department believes that this establishment constitutes an imminent hazard to public health." The GCHD then pulled the establishment’s health permit until it could pass an inspection. After complying with a list of instructions for making repairs and cleaning the establishment, Las Brisas was allowed to re-open for business on Oct. 10.

Las Brisas wasn’t the only establishment to receive the Health Department’s lowest possible rating. Big Grocery Food Mart in Sherman also failed its inspection as did the Happy Stop in Whitesboro.

At the Big Grocery food inspectors found an employee working with food who was wearing a sleeveless shirt and several food handlers who failed to wear proper hair restraints. The report also noted that the inspector found mold covered cheese in the reach-in cooler. The report also showed the inspector found several prepped food items to be at the wrong temperature to be consumed by humans safely.

At the Happy Stop, an inspector found a refrigerator that was not keeping items at a safe temperature as well as an employees who wasn’t wearing a hair net. The report also noted several soiled surfaces, including those on the soda machine and the coffee maker.

The following other local eateries earned passing grades on their most recent inspection:

"C" grades

Belle Donut in Bells;

Get & Go in Sherman;

Sam’s Southern Eatery in Sherman;

Stop N Shop in Southmayd;

Blue Door Cafe in Sherman;

El Chico in Sherman;

"B" grades

Mom’s Bakery in Sherman;

Lucky Stop #1 in Denison;

Bon Appetit Ya’ll in Sherman;

Crossroads Learning Center in Whitewright;

Lone Star Food Store/Subway in Sherman;

Mr. Jim’s Pizza in Sherman;

Sherman ISD/Wakefield Elementary in Sherman;

Sherman ISD/ Sherman High School;

Woodlawn Country Club in Sherman;

Lucky Stop #8 in Sherman;

Lamar Discount Tobacco in Sherman;

Lone Star Lanes in Sherman;

The School Zone Academy in Howe;

Austin College Aramark in Sherman;

Popeye’s in Sherman;

Feast on This in Sherman;

Whitesboro High School in Whitesboro;

Luke’s Bar & Grill in Sherman;

Domino’s Pizza in Denison;

Elk’s Lodge in Denison;

Mexican Food Martinez in Sherman;

One Stop & Go Loy Lake in Denison;

Denison High School in Denison;

Lucky Stop #9 in Denison;

Little Shogun in Sherman;

Candy N Lots in Sherman;

Camino Viejo Restaurant in Sherman;

Tanglewood Resort in Sherman;

Circle K in Sherman;

Sunshine Food Store #3 in Sherman;

Comfort Inn & Suites in Denison;

Donutstein in Sherman;

Little Italy Ristorante in Sherman;

"A" grades

La Mesa Mexican Restaurant in Sherman;

Li’l Store in Sherman;

The Cottage Restaurant & Tea Room in Denison;

Legacy Assisted Living in Denison;

Passport in Denison;

Little Caesars in Denison;

Bells Market in Bells;

Whitesboro Dairy Queen in Whitesboro;

Enderby gas in Whitesboro;

Sidak Petro #2 in Sherman;

Pizza Hut of Whitesboro;

Sandusky Store in Whitesboro;

Kroger Food Store in Denison;

Knollwod Country Store in Sherman;

K&P Grocery Store in Denison;

Tom Bean Middle School;

Tom Bean High School;

Dollar General in Whitewright;

Family Dollar Store # 9248 in Whitewright;

Tom Bean Elementary;

Papiano’s Pizza in Tom Bean;

Mr. Jim’s Pizza of Denison;

Burger Barn in Denison;

Roma’s Pizza in Pottsboro;

Grayson College Culinary Arts in Denison;

Jump N Land in Sherman;

Tuscan Slice in Sherman;

JJ Food Mart in Sherman;

Sory Elementary in Sherman;

Crutchfield Elementary in Sherman;

Sonic Drive In in Howe;

Fairview Elementary in Sherman;

S&S Middle School in Sadler;

Whitesboro Inn & Suites in Whitesboro;

Hampton Inn in Sherman;

Kent’s Tex Mex in Denison;

Washington Elementary in Sherman;

Dillingham Elementary in Sherman;

Neblett Elementary School in Sherman;

Denison Express Mart;

J & W Minit Mart in Sherman;

Anna Ruth Pritchard Jr. High in Bells;

Whitewright High School;

Bells High School;

Dollar General # 982 in Sherman;

Whitewright High School and Middle School;

Dollar General #3956 in Sherman;

Texoma Food Mart in Sherman;

Lone Star Food Store #9 in Sherman;

Passport in Sherman;

One Stop & Go No 1 in Sherman;

Dollar Tree Store in Sherman;

Comfort Suite in Sherman;

Sher-Den Skate Center in Sherman;

Knights of Columbus of Denison;

Jonny Mike’s Pizza in Van Alstyne;

I & E Concession in Denison;

Montessori Academy of North Texas in Sherman;

Stone Creek Golf Club in Sherman;

Piner Middle School in Sherman;

Quality Inn of Sherman;

IHOP of Denison;

Sam’s Beer and Wine of Denison;

Walgreen’s in Sherman;

Panera Bread of Sherman;

Lone Star Food #44 in Sherman;

Howe High School;

Dollar General # 7996 in Howe;

Howe Middle School;

Texas Health Presbyterian WNJ in Sherman;

Wesley Village in Denison;

Grand Central Station in Sherman;

McDonald’s in Walmart in Sherman;

Catfish King in Sherman;

Terrell Elementary in Denison;

VFW Post in Sherman;

DISD Pathways Alternative High School in Denison;

Just Like Home in Whitesboro;

Taco Casa in Sherman;

Whitesboro Middle School;

Houston Elementary School in Denison;

Hayes Primary in Whitesboro;

Meals on Wheels in Whitesboro;

Mayes Elementary in Denison;

Rendezvoud Grill in Sherman;

Pottsboro High School;

Randy’s BBQ in Denison;

Speedy Mart in Denison;

Pottsboro Elementary School;

Pottsboro Middle School;

Golden Rule Elementary School in Denison;

Gunter High School;

Dollar General Store in Gunter;

CVS in Sherman;

Andreas in Gunter;

Gunter Primary School;

McDonald’s in Van Alstyne;

Gunter Middle School;

Jack in the Box in Sherman;

Collinsville High School;

The Play House in Collinsville;

Tioga Elementary School;

Whitesboro Intermediate School;

Chipolte Mexican Grill in Sherman;

Dollar General in Collinsville;

PassPort in Denison;

Collinsville Elementary School;

Van Alstyne Elementary School;

B. McDaniel Middle School in Denison;

Hyde Park Elementary in Denison;

Meadowbrook Care Center in Van Alstyne;

Van Alstyne High School;

Van Alstyne Intermediate and Middle School;

Four Rivers Outreach in Sherman;

Meals On Wheels in Sherman;

The Wood Group (MHMR) in Sherman;

School for Little People in Sherman;

Sherman Housing Authority in Sherman;

VFW Lake Texoma Post 7873 in Pottsboro;

TI Guckenheimer of Sherman;

Midwest Provisions Tyson in Sherman;

Jefferson Elementary in Sherman;

Hampton Inn & Suites in Denison;

Jack in the Box in Sherman;

Texoma Christian School in Sherman;

Circle K in Denison;

St. Mary’s School in Sherman;

Denison Nursing & Rehabilitation in Denison;

Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt in Sherman;

La Rancera in Sherman.