Much of the world seems fascinated with the newest trend in photography (and I use that term very loosely in this case) — the "selfie."

Much of the world seems fascinated with the newest trend in photography (and I use that term very loosely in this case) — the "selfie."

Now that cell phones also serve as cameras, everybody has decided they’re photographers. Sure they’re snapping photos of the family dog, little Johnny’s tee ball game and Grandma’s chicken and dumplings. That’s all good. But they’re not stopping there.

A lot of folks have become enamored with their own image and apparently think everyone else is, too.

"This is me watching the game."

"Here I am eating ribs with sauce all over my face."

"See. I’m sitting here doing nothing."

"Hey! I’m driving down the highway at 75 mph with just one hand on the steering wheel because the other one’s holding my phone, and I’m taking a picture of myself smiling at the camera (not looking at the roadway). Doesn’t my hair look great blowing in the wind?"

"I was just brushing my teeth and thought you’d like a picture of it."

Seriously people? I like you, but I really don’t want to see a self-taken picture of you in Sponge Bob PJs eating your morning cereal. Don’t get me wrong. Everyone needs to have photos of themselves — memories of times with loved ones, vacations, special events and the like. It’s also fun to take candid, even goofy photographs of oneself, but not continually.

I actually tried a "selfie" once just to see how it worked. I couldn’t hit that delete button fast enough after I saw the result. If I can’t stand looking at photos of myself, I sure don’t want to traumatize the rest of the world with them.

No offense, but enough with the selfies, please! We know what you look like from the hundreds of shots you’ve already posted online. Try something – anything — that’s different: a beautiful sunset, waves on the beach, a cuddly kitten, Aunt Henrietta’s outhouse. I’m pretty sure your cell phone camera can handle those types of photos just fine. Save the selfie for when you’re sky diving. Now THAT I’d like to see.

Happy birthday Thursday to Edward Barrick Smith, Margie Carr, Tommie Franklin and Linda Osborne, all of Sherman; Billy Don Sampson and Carol Moreland, both of Denison; Bertha Stanley White of Amarillo; Tamee Hall of Jacksonville, Fla.; Cecil Huckabee of Abilene; Grayce Hubbard of Allen; Jana Kniss and Ken Wood, both of Whitesboro; and James Ingle.

Happy anniversary Thursday to Tom and Janine McKee of Sherman, 43 years.