Technology is getting downright scary!

Technology is getting downright scary!

There are now miniature flying things zipping around. They can be rigged to do everything from photographing your family barbecue or delivering a package to blowing up your house. Gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling, doesn’t it?

We can watch TV, pay bills, send emails, take photos, do our banking, play music, surf the net and other things from our cell phones. We can even make calls, but why talk to someone when you can text, right?

Just this week, I spied another technological breakthrough, a prototype called the "ibag." It’s for folks (mainly women based on the design, but there may be a guy-oriented wallet later) who overspend with credit cards.

What’s so special about this new product? It monitors and records every place you go, especially your favorite shopping sites, via a built-in GPS tracking system, and how many times you take out your wallet from the "ibag." If it decides you’ve been spending too much or if you’re in a place you typically spend money at, it supposedly will automatically lock down. Not only that, but it sends an email to a designated person who is your "Drop the card and step away from that clearance rack!" handler.

I understand the supposed benefit to this but see major problems.

You’re in your favorite store, browsing with no intention of buying. You sneeze and need a tissue which is in your ibag? If it’s already locked down, you have to use your sleeve, the nearest cloth-related item, or just drip. Not a pretty picture.

I hit the gas station often. Gas isn’t cheap, so I spend some major bucks there. Based on what I read about the bag, it would already be locked down before I get to the gas station parking lot and would be sending emergency messages to my "Don’t spend a dime" warden. What if I’d planned on paying cash, not use my debit card, and it was inside the ibag? I’d end up out of gas, stranded because my purse refused to let me buy gas. Hopefully my cell phone wasn’t inside the bag.

What if you’re near your favorite spending spot, the bag has already locked down, and you’re stopped for speeding? Your license and registration are locked in the bag. How do you going to explain that to the officer … and then the judge when you’re trying to get out of jail?

Of course, getting past the bag’s defenses is easy. First, just don’t buy one. However, if you do, make sure things you’ll use — money, credit cards, tissues, phone, lipstick, driver’s license, bail bond card — aren’t inside it. That’s what pockets are for!

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