By Jonathan Cannon

Today is my dadís birthday. If you look below, you can probably easily figure out who he is (same last name). Like many fathers he is a tough guy to shop for.

My wife and I are trying to get a jump on our Christmas shopping and decided to get the hard people done first and the easy people last. Weíve found five or six things that would be perfect for my sister-in-law ó sheís on the easy side of the list ó but nothing for my dad yet.

An avid John Wayne fan and motorcycle enthusiast, thatís often the go-to when shopping for my dad. This year however, for the birthday at least, I think what Iíll do for my dad on his birthday today is tell you a story about him. (Donít worry, heís still going to get a present tonight too.)

Most of my years growing up, my dad was a contractor. He taught me a lot about how to build and remodel. The fact that he was self-employed meant I had a summer job. One of the memories of those early years of working with him ó when I was so short my hammer in my tool belt almost drug the ground ó was the morning breakfast routine.

My dad would often stop for breakfast in the morning. For him it was a sausage and biscuit sandwich and a diet soda. I would order the same, sans the diet. To this day, that is still my preferred breakfast out when I am on the go, though Iíve upgraded to coffee now.

I still think of my dad when I grab my breakfast of choice. Itís funny what sticks from your childhood.

Happy birthday Friday to Mike Brezina, Bill Parish, Jerry Cannon and Noah Strange, all of Whitesboro; Roy Barker, Jason Lair, Kristy Kyle, George Erickson, Charles Gabriel, Tom Hulsey, Peggy Ellis, Quincy Henderson, Shirley Ann Spratt and Skylar Ewing, all of Sherman; Robert E. Kirkpatrick, Lizzie Coney, Suzann Garner Montgomery, Andrť Boyd and Rhonda Painter-Youngblood, all of Denison; Jeremy Earnhart of Van Alstyne; Jason Stone of Bells; Shirley Arrington and Gene Reed, both of Gunter; Mary Walker of Dallas; James Everett Lacy of Oklahoma City; John Sparkman of Decatur; Nicholas Cox of Ethel; Pamela Mitchell of Wichita Falls; Juanita Jennings of Howe.

Happy anniversary Friday to Bobby and Ruenell Jarriel of Denison, 55 years; George and Dorothy Lichnovsky of Sherman, 50 years.

Happy birthday Saturday to Martha Pierce, Alison Jackson, Kaycie Hamilton and Ralph Dawson Jr., all of Denison; Willie Stevenson, Xalayjah Cleveland, Jean Ables, Tamarrah Brown, Donald Kinsey and Linda Wadford, all of Sherman; Robert Garvin of Whitesboro; Kathleen Hamilton Bradburry of Debary, Fla.; Jean Parish of Whitesboro; Bill Bennett of Bonham.