By Jerrie Whiteley

By Jerrie Whiteley

Herald Democrat

April is National Poetry month. Frequent readers of this space might remember that in some years past, our staff has yielded this space to local poets for the entire month of April.

This time, we are going to sweeten the pot a bit. We are going to let readers pick a poem to be designated as the best of the poems that run in the Good Morning space in April. The details are still being finalized, but this year’s celebration of all things poetic looks to be a big one, and I know we have lots of great talent out there.

We want poems from all across the area and from every age group. We would LOVE to have teachers send us the poems their students write. Stay tuned for more details, but please don’t start submitting poems until March 7. Poems may be mailed to the Herald Democrat at 603 South Sam Rayburn Fwy., Sherman, Texas 75090 or sent to Please include the writer’s name, age and writing experience.

Happy "Valentine’s Day" birthday today to Eloise Ruth Prince, Bobby Martin, Chadsidy Sanders, Gavin Higgins, Etta Patterson, Hunter Bounds, W.D. Jackson, Matthew Stevenson and Chris Stevenson, all of Sherman; Bart Ford, Jan Cravey, Harry Carrethers, Victor Hayden and Baily Bishop, all of Denison; Andy Ray of Southmayd; Ray Prestage of Whitesboro; Dexi Northern of Hurst; Victoria Morrow of Bonham; Emily Boyd of McKinney; and John Townsend

Happy "Valentine’s Day" anniversary to Lacy and Dorothy Harber, 56 years; Franklin and Kay Lewis of Pottsboro, 55 years; Paul and Helen Montgomery of Sherman, 44 years; Don and Lola West of Tom Bean, 39 years; Joe and Myra Warsaw of Yuba, Okla., 35 years; David and Betty Wilson of Howe, 25 years; Kevin and Antoinette Mitchell of Sherman, 17 years; Stoney and Marie Wood of Savoy, 16 years; Reggie and Monica Spearman of Sherman, 12 years; James and Becky Actor of Denison, 12 years; Rev. David and Tommie Cross of Sherman, 10 years; Mr. and Mrs. James Jackson of Denison, 6 years.

Happy birthday Saturday to Jesse Ford, Taylor Harwell and William Stanton Cowan, all of Denison; Monica Spearman, John Morris, Wesley Sanders, Joshua Logston and Mary Martina Hernandez, all of Sherman; Sarah Hall of Luella; Kathryn Taylor of Dallas; Landry Scott of Celina; Mary Nell Rodgers of Whitesboro.

Happy anniversary Saturday to Joe and Lynette Joie of Denison, 50 years; Robert and Lori Whitehurst of Denison, 1 year.