By Jerrie Whiteley

By Jerrie Whiteley

Herald Democrat

When I was much younger, I thought by the time I had reached my current age, I would know it all. Sitting here now, I can only say I was horribly and wonderfully wrong.

Sure, it would be great to know everything about everything. It would save me time on research for one and might make me interesting to talk to depending on how I carried the knowledge. It would also, I think, make me really sad. I love to learn new things, always have. Maybe that is one reason I have stayed in this job for so long. Every day on this job is a learning experience. Some days, I love what I am learning and some days not so much, but every day I learn something.

For instance, I recently noticed that I kept seeing the word "meme" on things and while I generally understood what the things were, I really didn’t get the whole "meme" concept. So, I looked it up. See that is the one thing that never changes in life (at least as I have lived it so far) … when you don’t know something, you look it up. Just where and how we look it up has changed significantly in my lifetime, but I digress.

According to Wikipedia a meme is "an idea, behavior or style that spreads from one person to another within a culture." Sounds sort of new wavy, but really it all goes back pretty far … all of the way back to 1976 when a fellow by the name of Richard Dawkins talked about in the book "The Shelfish Gene."

(Note to reader, whenever someone tells me something happened "a long time ago" and then quotes a date that happened after I was born, my eyes involuntarily roll back in my head. So now you have the right image to go with that 1976, we can go on.) I had heard of meme theory in passing, but didn’t really understand how it worked until I started seeing all of those little bits of things being posted on social media. Now that I think about it, I also heard about it on an episode of "Big Bang Theory." Darn that show just keeps getting more interesting.

Happy birthday Thursday to Kelsie Hayes of Whitesboro; Chris Redd, Duke Wright, Ramona Polk, Arthur Leon Wright and Ernest Wigington, all of Denison; Craig Hickson, Tyrel Sommers, J’Antonio Carter and Jerry Woods Sr., all of Sherman; Jerlene Mullins Leetch of Wylie; Jerl Mullins and Foncell Powell, both of Arlington; Chaplain Brian Quinn of Richardson; Tasha Lock of McKinney.