"Merry Taxmas, everyone!"

"Merry Taxmas, everyone!"

Over the weekend, as I was meeting with some friends I heard this phrase for a first time as a friend celebrated getting his tax return back from the IRS. As it was described to me, Taxmas is the "magical time of the year when the IRS leaves gifts of money in your bank account" if you were good little boy or girl and paid your taxes appropriately throughout the year.

While it may be an early-spring Christmas for some, the phrase just seems silly to me. Christmas is a magical time of wonder and merriment. The same can’t be said about the IRS and the tax code. My mind has a field day trying to contemplate the concept of new year taxes and the Christmas season.

When I imagine a tax-related Christmas, the first thought that comes into my mind is Santa Claus delivering checks via chimney to all the good (grown-up) boys and girls across the world. Would leaving cookies out for Santa be considered a charity donation and thus be a tax deduction for the next fiscal year? Food for thought…

Santa Claus himself doesn’t seem to fit the bill, though. Instead of a thick suit of wool and fur, I imagine IRS Santa would have a well-fitted business suit, possibly still red, but more than likely not. The long hair would have to go, and Santa would need to shave. After all, that long beard has no place in a professional workplace.

By the end of it all, Santa would have lost all his magic and wonder that make him special, and would just be a normal man in a business suit carrying paperwork in a briefcase rather than toys in a large bag. Where is the fun in that?

Perhaps my mind is just too imaginative for its own good sometimes. The more I over think this, the more the magic is gone from it all.

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