By Jerrie Whiteley

By Jerrie Whiteley

Herald Democrat

Some say to be a journalist is to be an expert on something different every day. I am not sure that is quite true because there is hardly ever enough time in one day to become an expert on anything. However, there are days when we are called upon to become educated on a new topic — at least enough to write about it — in a short period of time.

That is part of the thrill and frustration of this job. Some weeks we get to get a little taste of what it is like to work in a number of careers. This week found me learning a great deal about stolen art and the worldwide effort to return such items to their rightful owners. (See page B1.) Back when I was attending college, it would have never occurred me to want to study art or art history. I couldn’t have imagined how I might make a living with such an education, therefore would not have considered it. Now that I am older and realize that education is about so very much more than making a living, I wish I had saved some elective classes for art history.

Though this week’s work made me painfully aware of the holes in my education, it also made me aware of the usefulness of the classes I did take. For instance, when I first started reading about the idea of restoring art seized as part of the spoils of war, I thought, ‘I wonder what Charlemagne would have thought about that.’

I hadn’t thought about Charlemagne since my days in a medieval history class back at East Texas State University in Commerce. And if anyone had told me I would have recalled him some 20 years later and would have known that a particular section of the world would have been connected to his rule, I would have told them they were crazy. I was just learning that stuff for a test. But then there I was looking at art work and a map and suddenly thoughts of dear old Charlemagne popped into my head.

Happy birthday Sunday to Margie Morris, Courtney Morales Giles, Sharon Edmonson, Jim Russell, Jade Burns, Ronald Jackson and Ivy Scruggs, all of Sherman; Karen Waldrip, Phyllis Heflin and Richard Simpson, all of Denison; William Robert King of Potomac, Md.; Johnnie Faye Brooks of Fort Worth; Roseanna Ingram of Pottsboro; Marshall Bowman of Anna; Ariana Dehorney of Dallas; Marie Walters of Frisco; Lee Wood of Colbert, Okla.; David Jackson.

Happy anniversary Sunday to Dan and Melva Hignight Shugart of Yantis, Texas, 66 years; David and Sue Ruble of Denison, 51 years.