By Jerrie Whiteley

By Jerrie Whiteley

Herald Democrat

Apparently, our birthday column missed a big one yesterday. According to Google, the World Wide Web turned 25 on March 12. Wow, how can that be? That means there are grown up adults walking around out there who probably don’t even remember when anyone talked about what "www." before something meant. I sure do.

I was a grown up back in 1989, I guess. At least I would have told you so back then. Man, how time can change one’s impression of that title. I do enjoy all of the instant access to information that has come with the WWW. I do not, however, like a lot of other things that have come along with it. There are some very creepy, dark corners of the web where people get together and encourage each other to do really awful things. And we, as a society, pretty much leave them alone to do so all in the name of free speech and what not. I am not saying that is a bad thing … entirely. I am saying it will be interesting to see how the good old WWW changes as it heads for its mid-life and beyond. Will the good win out over the evil that lurks in the shadows?

The concept that the web is free and open to everyone, something I read on Google yesterday, makes me laugh when I look down at the checks I write every month to my Internet provider. Checks, I might add, that keep going up. Sure, I could go down and wait in line to use the computer at the library or some other free hot spot, but I like my nice comfy recliner too much. Just thinking about the term "hot spot" makes me laugh. Back in 1989, that would have referred to a place where ( I can only imagine) the music was loud and the drinks were cold. Or, this being Texas, it could have referred to a place where one would get burned if they sat down or stood still too long. I have been on some stretches of Texas road that fit that description.

Now, a "hot spot" is a good thing. So is poke, and ;) is a wink. I am sure I thought times were changing 25 years ago, but never in my wildest dreams did I see what has come to pass.

Happy birthday Thursday to Lindsey Fletcher, Nicole Franklin, Ruth Ann Ingram and Jymond Moore, all of Sherman; Jim Raney, Chassidy Giarraputo, Cynthia Stagner, Robert L. Hall Jr., LaMont Wimbish and Marilyn Horn Turman, all of Denison; Zachary Turner of Sadler; Keith Clark of Van Alstyne; Ben Ewing of Geary, Okla.; Jeff Lansford of Bells; Dustin Roberts and Weston Gregory, both of Whitesboro; Nancy Bellows of Ector.