By Micaela Hoops

By Micaela Hoops

Herald Democrat

The side ponytail is cruelly ignored, I declare! It is often overlooked as a legitimate hairstyle for the day. The first venture into the realm of the side ponytail must have spurred waves of disbelief and admiration. A swinging protrusive ponytail, unlike any seen before, kicked the standard ponytail out the window. Suddenly anything was possible as a fashion statement. Put the ponytail on top of the head, on the other side, on the forehead like a unicorn — nothing would be too bizarre from now on.

But it seems we have grown complacent in accepting the modest, obedient ponytail properly attached to the back. It is this admired ponytail that prevails our culture of hair statements like the celebrated child who pinned the tail correctly on the donkey.

Go for it! I certainly did this morning. Perhaps some of my reason was so that my co-workers would not notice that I haven’t washed my hair in more days than I am legally obliged to admit. Also, my hope is that it will distract from the slight swelling in my nose a gift from my wonderful two-year-old. As we played "tumble into Mama’s arms" last night, I got, in addition to a life-size bundle of toddler in my arms, a sharp bonk to the nose bridge from his fully developed skull.

So I say, wear it lopsided! An act of subversion is sometimes the only way to keep life exciting. If you think your mood can change from which direction your hair is swept, then you’re probably right! Sweep it to the left, sweep it to the right!

Happy birthday Friday to Joel Dale Braxton and Gwen Gentry, both of Denison; Debbie Beaver, Shirley Culpepper, Kenneth Laws, Tanya Jacoby Mallinson and Judy Cogburn, all of Sherman; Betty McCrary of Sadler; Josh Arrington of Gunter; Billie Ann Shields of Tom Bean; Lisa Hunter of Sarasota, Fla.; Joshua Arrington of Gunter; and Ken Laws.

Happy anniversary Friday to Ira and Thelma Inman of Sherman, 72 years; Michael and Tina Blanton of Denison, 33 years.

Happy "Leap Year" birthday to Pat Key, Merrie Hawkins and Jacob Pearson, all of Sherman; Lauren Cleveland Brown of Denison; Amanda Horn of Ravenna; Barbara Parker of Austin.

Happy birthday Saturday to Will Gillespie of Denison; Barbara Keen of Telephone; Keith Bibb, Bonnie Brown and Aaron Frison, all of Sherman; Ida Offutt Carter of Round Rock.

Happy anniversary Saturday to Paul and Barbara Shamlion of Denison, 56 years; Billy and Glenda Morgan of Cartwright, Okla., 33 years.