Last week we ran out of dog food.

Last week we ran out of dog food.

I had a bad pet owner moment when I did not realize my dog had not been fed since Wednesday evening until I got home from work Thursday evening. But, Neo, always the gentleman, did not get on to me. He just politely laid down in front of his bowl until I noticed.

Since I did not want to get out of the house to go to the store, I cooked him some pasta. He scarfed it down and then came and licked me in thanks.

The next morning, I gave Neo half a can of cooked salmon. I like giving him tuna and salmon because I know that it really helps his coat, and he likes it. He scarfed it down.

After work Friday, I gave him the other half of the salmon that had been refrigerated for him, and he licked his bowl clean.

About an hour and a half later, I hear the last sound any pet owner wants to hear. Everything in Neo’s stomach came back up. The poor dog went and hid in his crate because he was so upset. I felt terrible.

I had my mother immediately go get him some of his normal dog food, but in the meantime, I gave him some boiled rice to soothe his stomach. Poor thing did not touch it.

By Saturday morning, he still had not really eaten. I gave him lots of hugs and even a few treats to make him feel better. Yet, he was still lethargic.

With no fever, no protruding stomach, or other sign of illness, I could not justify taking him to the vet. So, I went to work and just hoped that he would be better by the time I got off.

Well, last minute, I decided to go home for lunch on Saturday. My puppy was still sad, but while I was there someone arrived.

It was my sister and her dog Precious, straight from the groomer.

And, by golly, their arrival put some spunk in that little one’s step. Jumping and barking, I had not seen Neo that excited in days. Then my brother and his husky, Chloe, arrived and Neo went into overdrive. He was so happy that his friends had come to see him. No one could tell that he had been sick.

So maybe his stomach was not upset; he was just sad. I will know next time what to do when little Neo needs a pick me up.

Happy birthday to Walt Butterworth, Sharon Greene and Jack Wayne Milton, all of Denison; Cindy Buris, Kyra Jacobs, and Jolene Elliott, all of Sherman; Nancy McEwen Hunt of Boise, Idaho and Shirley Arzello Wells of Tampa, Florida; Stephen Hall of San Antonio;