My sister just came back from her Las Vegas vacation and I got a lousy fake poker chip.

My sister just came back from her Las Vegas vacation and I got a lousy fake poker chip.

A little more than a month ago, my sister took a trip to Philadelphia for a friend’s wedding. On that trip, all she brought me back was a postcard that she said cost her almost $10.

Two years ago, my brother went on a business trip to Washington, D.C., and he brought me back a panorama picture of some national landmarks. Last year, he took a business trip to Canada and brought me back two designer purses. Less of a trip souvenir, but I still like them.

Though I have been on a few trips, until sister and brother’s recent trips, I had never thought about how hard it is to find souvenirs.

Before she left for Philadelphia, my sister and I talked about what she should bring back.

My first thought was for her to go to the post office to get postcards and then mail them to us so the souvenir would be a surprise and would have the date of her trip on it. After she got there, however, she could not find a post office.

My second thought was for her to go to Walmart and look in the cheap shirt section and find a shirt that had the city name on it. While there she said, however, that she could not find a Walmart near her hotel, and the shirts at Target were upwards of $20.

My third thought was for her to look in Target’s kitchen section, and there she should find a refrigerator magnet with a landmark or the name of the city on it. She, however, could not find any of those either.

My fourth thought was for her to go to the gift shops in the airport and look for novelty items. She found tons of magazines, pillows and sodas, but no shot glasses, cup holders, or cheap baseball caps or T-shirts.

So last week, my sister came to pick up Precious and the morning after I found a fake poker chip.

My dad has been looking for a family venture for my sister, my brother and me to go into. Currently, I am seeing a void in the affordable souvenir business.

I guess it is hard to find souvenirs that are not linked to tourist-y destinations.

At least my gift from this trip was better than the last.

Happy birthday Tuesday to Leigh Ann McGee, Ernie Goolsby, Dustin Ryan Ritchie, and Martha Stone, all of Sherman; Laura Hoard of Denison; Danielle Wilson of Spring; Dan Flint of Gainesville; Dolores Sweet of Bells; Jerry Dwayne Ruffin of Grand Prairie; Mary Phares Harris of Grandbury; Ginger Green of Lawton, Oklahoma; and Sherman Johnson.