By Jerrie Whiteley

By Jerrie Whiteley

Herald Democrat

Friday, for those of you have not looked at a calendar in a while, is St. Valentine’s Day. For some of you this will mean you need to find reservations at a local eatery, and for others it will mean you will need to find a good spot to buy roses. For me, it won’t mean much.

I LOVE Valentine’s Day, but it has very little to do with my romantic life. I look at the day as a day to celebrate all of the love in my life and the love that I believe God has for all of us. The later of course ties the day to a saint or two. But I tend not to think of it so literally. For instance, I have always sent valentines to all of the members of my family because I love them and they love me.

Years ago, I sent them out to all of my friends as well, but that list (thankfully) has grown too long to make doing so possible. This year I was able, with the help of my niece Stormi, to return to the days when Valentine’s Day meant classroom parties. This past Sunday, Stormi and I sat at my kitchen table hand-making valentines for each of the members of her class. I found the idea on Pinterest and if anyone happens to still be looking for ideas, there are plenty there that seemed easy enough.

I was happy enough to help with the cutting out of paper hearts and supervise taping and name writing. I am, however, happy to not be in charge of baking treats for valentines.

Stormi isn’t old enough to read this column yet, so I feel pretty safe in saying she is going to get a nice bunch of flowers from her grand, and the rest of her extended family. She will also likely get a card. According to, she won’t be alone in that. That site says approximately 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually. That makes Valentine’s Day the second most popular carding sending holiday behind Christmas.

Happy birthday Tuesday to Oscar Bevels, Linda Rickerson, Marcus McMurtry, Paula Sharp, Barbara Brown, Sharron Spratt and Katy Jackson, all of Sherman; Rosie Braxton, Devon Jeffries, Howard Robeson and Linda Parenteau, all of Denison; Gail Gauthier of Cartwright, Okla.; Mackenzie Wines of Utah; Karen McCall Penrod of Missouri City, Texas; Kaliegh Braxton of San Antonio; Katlyn Flaherty of Arlington, Jerry Bowens of Allen; Heather Britt of Pottsboro; Oliver Meek of Lakeway, Texas; George Hopkins of Achille, Okla.; and Betty Clayton.