It seems they’re making everything "smarter" these days, including diapers.

It seems they’re making everything "smarter" these days, including diapers.

I know it takes intelligence to put some of those things on little, wiggly bodies, but a "smart" diaper? Apparently, there are some creative people out there adding to the duties of the already overloaded (pardon the pun) diaper.

All parents of diaper-age kiddos and who live on Twitter will want the "TweetPee." It’s a device the makers of Huggies came up with that works with social media. A little bird-shaped sensor attaches to the front of the diaper. The second it senses moisture, it sends the parents a "tweet" on Twitter, letting them know Junior needs a dry diaper. You can even re-tweet the wet diaper alarm if you want to … and, sadly, I’m pretty sure many of you would because you tweet about everything else.

To accomplish that same feat, researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed an electronic sensor, that can be embedded into a diaper without any discomfort or danger to the wearer. When the organic, disposable sensor, powered by very flexible circuits, senses wetness, pressure or temperature changes, it signals an external data-reading device which must be within a few inches of the diaper in order to work.

That’s right. No more exploratory forays into the scary depths of a diaper to see if it’s been used. Watch for a tweet or wave the magic wand.

Another company is working with something called a QR Code that goes into a diaper. The code - made up of specific test strips - is said to test the baby’s urine. Once the diaper is used, parents scan the code with their smart phone and a special application analyzes the test strip to check for possible health issues such as a urinary tract infection, dehydration or kidney problems.

Listen. I have a smart phone, but there are days that it’s downright dumb. I don’t know about you, but I’d be a little leery on trusting my smart phone with my baby’s health.

Admittedly, all these new diaper innovations have potential, but I have a suggestion. Come up with a diaper that actually changes itself. Now THAT’S a smart diaper!

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