By Jerrie Whiteley

By Jerrie Whiteley

Herald Democrat

I have a cold or allergies or maybe it is the bubonic plague. And it seems like I have had one since October. Now, I know I haven’t really been sick since then, but this weather makes it feel like I have been.

I was so relieved the other day to see one of the county commissioners declined to shake someone’s hand because he (the commissioner) was sick. So many times recently, I have wanted to do that. And so many times I have yielded to that pressure that is applied when one person sticks out his hand to another … and I passed germs along with the friendly greeting. Maybe we should make little buttons for people to wear that say things like "I like you, I just have a bad cold," or "It’s not you, it’s me and my cold." Or maybe I will just make one that says, "Run. Save yourself."

Since it is always best to try to find one good thing about whatever bad thing one is going through, I have been concentrating on the fact that we have, at least recently, been spared the onslaught of wintry precipitation that has hit other parts of the country with this cold dips.

A close look at the long-range forecast seems to indicate that might not be the case later next week, but I am not going to worry about that now. I am just going to keep my hands in my pockets, my sneezes to myself and pray this too will pass.

There will come a point in mid July when we will look back on all of this cold with some sort of appreciation, I am sure. Notice I didn’t say longing. I will never long for nights that dip below 20 degrees. While I am not looking forward to the 100-degree days that will come, I am looking forward to a return to moderation. I want to walk outside without feeling my breath freeze as it leaves my lips. I want to know that when I get up in the morning the temperature outside is not going to be so cold that I am afraid to let the dog out.

I keep telling myself to just hold on. Winter never lasts very long in North Texas. It is summer that lasts forever here. Winter and fall come and go in an instant generally. If I just hang on a little longer the instant will be over and spring will be on the horizon. Then I read the forecast and I fight the temptation to just crawl back into my bed and stay there till after Groundhog Day at least.

Happy birthday Wednesday to Linda Brown, T.W. Black, Dianna Hooper and Jerry Luckie, all of Denison; Brenda Jennings, Brandy Morgan, Deborah Jackson and Karae Gabriel, all of Sherman; Elsie Wilson of Bells; Billy Don Jackson of California; Chris Garrison of Pottsboro; Shantrall Burks Boyd of Dallas; Bettye Ann Hunter of Milwaukee, Wis.

Happy anniversary Wednesday to Gary and Debbie Monroe of Bells, 32 years.