I feel it’s my duty to shine the spotlight on the one Christmas movie that constantly gets overlooked: "Die Hard."

I feel it’s my duty to shine the spotlight on the one Christmas movie that constantly gets overlooked: "Die Hard."

I’ll wait while you stop laughing.

Seriously, though, "Die Hard" is a great Christmas movie! First of all, it’s set on Christmas Eve, so you can mark off that checkbox. There’s no snow in Los Angeles, unfortunately, although the shattered glass on the floor of the skyscraper creates a kind of snow-like effect, I suppose. The movie does have Christmas trees, eggnog and seasonally appropriate music. It also has Alan Rickman doing his best Grinch impression as criminal mastermind Hans Gruber.

A quick side note: I saw a "Top Ten Movie Characters of All Time" list a few years ago that had Gruber at No. 1. While that might be a stretch, I can see the logic; he’s the perfect villain — cold and calculating, right down to his deliberate, baritone diction. Although why an ostensibly German character has a British accent is a valid question.

Bruce Willis as John McClane is, of course, perfect as a wisecracking, street-wise cop who (spoiler alert!) saves the day. His language is a shade too blue — and his shirt, red for the wrong reasons — to pass as a Santa stand-in, but he does have a surprise present on his back at the movie’s climax. And when he sends the dispatched goon Tony down the chimney… er, elevator shaft with the message, "Now I have a machine gun HO-HO-HO," scrawled across his sweatshirt, it’s just enough Christmas cheer to remind you you’re watching the best holiday-cum-action movie ever created.

So go ahead and take your BB guns and leg lamps; your Bedford Falls and 34th Streets. Me, I’ll be over at Nakatomi Plaza with Argyle, Sgt. Al Powell, and the ill-fated yuppy Harry Ellis. Our Christmas party gets crashed by terrorists, sure, but we have an awfully good time restoring yule-time peace.

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