Hello, my name is Nate. And I have a problem.

Hello, my name is Nate. And I have a problem.

It all started innocently enough. I needed to up the quality of art I was producing for the paper, as my poor little iPhone camera just wasn’t cutting it for professional use. I knew if I wanted truly gripping photos of Denison Mayor Jared Johnson gaveling the latest civic writ, I would need an upgrade.

Lucky for me, I had the perfect excuse. With impending nuptials last December, I convinced the bride-to-be that a shiny new DSLR camera was an absolute necessity to chronicle the event. In my defense, it did take lovely weddings pics.

From there, though, things began to get out of hand. First it was, "Oh look at this crisp picture of the dog!" But after mere weeks, it became, "If only I had the lens to better manipulate the depth of field, think how much better our little Skeeter would be framed!"

My conversations with our staff photog here at the Herald turned from, "How’s your daughter?" to advice on the trad-offs between ISO and shutter speed. Leaving the house without my trustee Canon companion inundated me with worries over the shots I might miss.

I finally cracked and purchased on the sly a used, 28-135mm beauty, justifying it to myself as the last lens I would ever need. And for a time, my photography felt fulfilled. My lust for f-stop stopped. My quest for telephoto no longer zoomed.

But relapse was inevitable. A harmless link for "Refurbished lenses, 20 percent off!" hit my inbox last week, and I thought, "Hmmm. My low-light shots have been a bit grainy… Just one more couldn’t hurt."

Now, when I look through my new, fixed 50mm, all I see is shame.

In theory, I understand on some level that my newfound obsession will have to be constrained by meager finances at some point — although panhandling with a "WILL WORK FOR FULL FRAME" sign does seem like an option, I must admit. But wherever this camera compulsion ends up, at least I know there’ll be great pictures.

Happy birthday Monday to Jessica Ann Patterson of Denison; Maris May, Everett McCulloch, Rose Cardell, Marco Orozce, Lavada Cuthbertson and Ann Hicks, all of Sherman; Mary Nan Cannon of Whitesboro; Rachel Brownlow of Waco; Sandra Mercer Oliver of Irving; Joyce Payne Moran of Pottsboro; Johnny Moncrief of Bonham; Rusty Lyles of Ivanhoe; and Blaze Fajerson.