With everything going on right now, a lot of things are changing in people’s everyday life. In some cases, people are learning new skills or taking on new hobbies as a way of finding something to do.

In my case, I am returning to something that has always brought me a level of comfort. Over the past few weeks, I have found myself falling back in love with the art of cooking.

I’ve written in the past that I’ve always enjoyed cooking, even when I wasn’t the best at it. I can’t fully describe it, but when I am in the kitchen I almost feel a level of zen as I focus entirely on the task and all other outside worries are forgotten. Plus, at the end of it all I get to enjoy the fruit of my labor in a very direct way.

With many restaurants either closing or switching to pick-up only, I’ve found myself eating out less than I have in recent months. As a result, I had to fall back on my skills in the kitchen to feed myself. The improvements to my mental health were only a happy side effect.

One of the challenges that I’ve had with cooking in recent weeks is a lack of some of my go to ingredients. Instead of dwelling on it though, I’ve taken the opportunity to stretch my skills and work with things I normally wouldn’t.

In the case of this past week, I was unable to get the beef that I wanted. However, the store still had plenty of fish, a protein I normally don’t eat often.

Over the weekend, I found myself looking for recipes for salmon that I could make using the ingredients I had on hand. In some cases, I still had to improvise.

I eventually settled on a garlic butter recipe that used lemon as an aromatic. While I did not have any fresh lemons, I did still have some bottled lemon juice, which did the job perfectly fine.

In some ways, I see the ongoing situation in the same way as my cooking. While it may not be perfect, I can still make do with what I have on hand.