I began to get a little normalcy back in my life this week. Today marks two weeks since I began working from home. During that time, I have looked for little ways to keep my mind occupied as I sit at home with no contact with the outside world.

This weekend it had finally dried up enough outside I was able to get some yard work done. I started with mowing the lawn. Because the grass was tall, this was done in shifts to keep my mower from clogging up too much.

After the mowing, I turned to the backyard: the garden. I had been waiting for it warm up enough to plant my seeds. I planted the onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots today. It wasn't much but it was nice to be making some progress in life with everything going on around the world.

At first I wasn't sure how I personally would handle social distancing. After all, I am somewhat of a private person who tends to prefer my alone time. However, I discovered being home all the time does have its drawbacks. The positive side is I have been able to get some chores done around the house in an effort to stay busy. I fixed the hole in the floor. I cleaned the hallway my cat loves to play in. I even managed to deep clean the bathroom.

Another side benefit of not having my usual social circle to interact with is I have spent more time calling my parents and sisters who live far away than normal. My mom works at a casino in Northern Nevada that has been closed for two weeks. My dad is over 60 and has health issues that make him a prime target for illness. Both of my sisters live in counties in Idaho that have a high number of cases reported. It seems everyone in my family is either working from home, or not working at all.

It's been good checking in on everyone as it makes us all feel connected despite the distance between us. In some ways I have been prepping for social distancing my whole life. Unfortunately I am reminded of the fairy tale trope, be careful what you wish for, it might come true. The only thing I am wishing for now is for everyone to stay healthy so things can get back to normal.