I think I can speak for many, myself included, when I say that the last few days have been tough. I’ve been lucky in that I am still working, when others cannot during the current crisis. From what I’ve seen from friends and family is that spirits are low, and there is a lot of uncertainty of what is going on.

It is in times like this, I have found wisdom in the words of Fred Rogers. While he didn’t come up with it himself, Mr. Rogers said that in times of crisis his mother would remind him to look for the helpers — the people who are working to make things better. That is where you will find hope.

Despite this on-going crisis with the coronavirus, I have seen a lot of people who are still helping and working to keep things going for the rest of us.

Despite what is going on in the world right now, I have seen police and first responders going out and doing their jobs like they would any other day. That is helping.

Despite some changes in protocol, nurses and doctors at offices and hospitals across the country are still working to treat the sick, including those who have been stricken with the virus. That is helping.

Truck drivers still work to get shipments or food and other supplies where they need to go. That is helping. Grocery store employees still show up each day and work to keep the shelves stock even as people panic and inundate the stores. This is helping.

In the last few days, I have seen people having to do things that you normally wouldn’t think about in hopes of keeping some level of normality going on even as people take shelter and try to wait out this crisis. I’ve seen calls for people to record themselves reading books so that they can be played by local libraries and other groups to kids who normally would be in the libraries for story time.

I have friends in ministry who probably felt more than a little awkward holding church services in empty chapels over the weekend, so that congregants could follow along at home through live-streamed services. Still, they did it in hopes that it would bring some relief to those looking for answers in a confusing time.

Despite everything that is going on, there are many people out there who are working to keep things going, and I just want to say I have noticed and thank you.