Got those little ones at home and don’t know what to do to help them release some of that energy? How about looking to one of their favorite places online, Youtube, and search for children’s workouts? There are tons of videos there that will help get you and the littles off the couch and moving.

The workouts can be done at home in the house or out on the back porch or yard if the weather permits which will double their good since they will get both exercise, fresh air and vitamin D.

Once everyone has had a great workout, try adding in a little education that doesn’t feel like education. How about a scavenger hunt in which you ask the youngins to find some everyday items used in various countries. Let them jump on the internet and find the country where they might find fresh croissants baked daily or the place where they might find a red phone booth or a man called a Bobby who keeps the streets safe. Make it a game to see which child can find the most answers the quickest if they are of comparable age and computer skills or let the older children help the younger children find their answers.

Being involved in the process with the children is really more key to these things than what they learn or do. It is the fact that the family works together that will foster a sense of safety and security for the children in a time that might seem a little unfamiliar and scary as they are not going to school and seeing their usual friends.

Next, if your young ones like to cook, why not watch a cooking show together and whip up lunch or dinner together as a project? Or maybe if you have teens, let them draw nights from a bag or cup and assign them cooking duties for that night. They can come up with the menu, with your help of course, and then be in charge of the preparation whether they can actually do all of the cooking or not. The sense of satisfaction that the children will get and the things they will learn will far outpace anything that they might have had at school. The same thing can be said of anything that you know how to do that you yet to teach your children. For instance, if a parent is good at fixing cars, why not tool around with one and do an oil change with the kids or show them how to check the air in the tires and properly wash a car?

Doe grandma know how to knit? If she does and your kids want to learn, she doesn’t even have to live in the same city as you or be in the same house with video phone calls she could teach from where ever she is.