I have said it before, I will say it now and I will likely say it about eight months from now — I hate Daylight Savings. Regardless of which way you turn the hands on the clock, Daylight Savings is something that I never can truly adjust to.

While I know it was originally set to give people an extra hour of daylight after the work day and to conserve fuel, I don’t think it is as important in our modern society any more.

Plus, it throws my sleep schedule for a loop, but that’s only a minor detail.

Even during the winter when we gain that one precious hour of sleep, I still don’t find it worthwhile compared to how much it throws my natural schedule into disarray. It is even worse during the spring, when that hour is taken away and disappears into nothingness.

To put it simply, my body’s clock and the one on my microwave don’t always sync up.

For example, I typically try to get to bed around midnight. However, my body and the clock disagree with when exactly that is. With Daylight Savings over the weekend, my body felt that 1 a.m. was the best time to turn in for the night. Meanwhile, my alarm clock remained firm and set on when 7 a.m. will come around, and my body is just going to have to deal with that.

While an hours of sleep here or there won’t bother me too much, the problem is that it takes me so long to adjust. It isn’t a matter of one day, or even a couple days, it can take me a couple weeks to get back into the right pattern.

By that point, it is more than just a few hours and leads to a good two weeks of restlessness and poor sleep. For what, really?