I had the best conversation I have had in ages Friday night. I met someone who also once called Southern Idaho home. We had a great conversation about the state, movies, our similar college experiences and just about everything else. It is safe to say, I made a new friend.

I tend to be fairly introverted outside of work. I attend a local game night as a way to socialize, but I mostly spend my time playing whatever game I am invited into. I converse no more than the game requires most times with a quip or sarcastic comment here or there to break the ice.

This was different. It helped having a shared experience as a foundation. I was born in Twin Falls and this person had lived in Twin Falls for a time. We knew all the same sights and some of the same people. It was great talking to someone familiar with the place I called home for so long, especially here at my new home.

I see it as a positive sign that the work I have done here at work is changing me for the better. I attribute most of it to my co-workers who I do consider family now. My home away from home as it were. And it’s made me a better person. I say this because before working here I wasn’t the type of person who could join a conversation much less initiate one. I also think the work itself has been a help as I am quite often tasked with socializing with members of the public.

I had to say good bye to a colleague earlier in the day so it was bittersweet meeting a new person with whom I can converse following a co-workers departure.

One constant in my life as I have moved around the country is people come and people go. I tend to make friends as needed but the one thing I can say without a doubt is even the ones that have gone from my life always remain a part of me in my heart as I carry their memories with me everywhere I go.